Claiborne Electric Annual Meeting

Last week, Claiborne Electric, an electric power distribution system that serves much of North Central Louisiana, had their annual meeting in Homer, LA. One of our correspondents was there.

Recently, Claiborne has been in a scrape with District Five Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell over their plans to build and operate an optical fiber internet system. Rural areas have typically not had high-speed broadband internet like that in urban areas, since the population density is much lower.

Claiborne had proposed to build such a system, but Campbell has worried that should the internet system not be profitable, Claiborne’s electric customers would be on the hook for making up any difference.

Our correspondent sent us these documents from the meeting:

Transparency and Governance – Our Commitments to You

3 Responses to “Claiborne Electric Annual Meeting”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    do some research into how much the CEO makes and the board.the board even had health insurance until last months meeting.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Campbell needs to read and understand the plans before he comments. He cannot and will not do that.

    I have not seen the plans, but it is likely a hybrid fiber/BPL system.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nope, that is a big heck fat NO, if you want to do FTTH [fiber to the home] do it, the hybrid is a supreme mess.

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