State Police Commission Unloads on Ouachita School Board

Recall our news story last month on a 2017 incident between a Sterlington High School football coach and several students:

2017 Sterlington Coach Incident Revisited in LSP Hearing

As they promised, the Louisiana State Police Commission has sent a scathing letter to the Ouachita Parish School Board regarding the incident:

Mr. Jerry R. Hicks, President
Ouachita Parish School Board
100 Bry Street
Monroe, LA 71201

August 24, 2018

Dear Mr. Hicks:

The Louisiana State Police Commission sends this letter as an expression of its concern over the School Board’s hiring of Jack Goode to teach at West Monroe High School. The Commission was shocked to learn that the Ouachita Parish School Board continues to employ Jack Goode as a teacher, and that Mr. Goode continues to have power and authority over minors after abusing the trust that the citizens of this state have placed in their teachers.

On Thursday, August 9, 2018, the Louisiana State Police Commission held its monthly meeting in Monroe and heard the disciplinary appeal of Trooper Joseph Jones. Trooper Jones was disciplined for intervening in an investigation by the Ouachita Parish Sheriffs Department of Sterlington High School coach and teacher, Jack Goode. As you are aware Mr. Goode had served alcohol to or condoned the consumption of alcohol in his home by minors on the night of this incident, including to Trooper Jones’ sixteen-year-old son. Further, Mr. Goode had threatened and struck Trooper Jones’ son. Despite these extenuating circumstances and the fact that we thought Trooper Jones acted with greater restraint than many parents would have under the circumstances, we still thought discipline of the Trooper was in order for a violation of State Police policies. As such, we fulfilled our duty in imposing discipline. Yet, despite the horrendous conduct of Mr. Goode, we understand that he is still employed by the School Board and still has access to and authority over other minors in your school system.

Testimony at the hearing revealed that in April, 2017, Mr. Goode supplied teenagers with alcohol at his home, forced Trooper Jones’ son to drink vodka, causing him to throw up, called Trooper Jones’ son an expletive for initially refusing the vodka and for not being able to hold his liquor, struck Trooper Jones’ son about the face, neck, chest and back on at least two different occasions, and threatened to kill him. Mr. Goode’s wife, Emily Goode, a teacher at Sterlington High School, was at their home at this time. After the children escaped Mr. Goode’s home and returned to a party with a number of other teenagers, Mr. Goode went to the party and threatened all of the teencgers there until his wife was able to convince him to leave and she drove him back home. Further testimony also revealed that on other occasions Mr. Goode made some of the teenagers run errands for him during the school day and was apparently a known source of alcohol for the teenagers on his football team. Shockingly, we understand that Mr. Goode was allowed to plead guilty to simple battery of Trooper Jones’ son and the additional charge related to providing alcohol to the minors was dropped. Despite the facts in this case and the agreement that Mr. Goode would not return to Sterlington, he was hired to teach (and is currently teaching) at West Monroe High School.

This Commission is appalled that this School Board continues to employ Jack Goode in such a capacity after the events that occurred in April, 2017, and it continues to allow Mr. Goode to work as a teacher of minor children at West Monroe High School.

According to commission Executive Director Jason Hannaman, the letter was delivered to the school board yesterday (9/10), and was signed by all seven members of the commission.

4 Responses to “State Police Commission Unloads on Ouachita School Board”

  1. How did LSPC become involved in a local matter? Because of the Ouachita Parish School Board’s lapse in moral character | Louisiana Voice Says:

    […] to Burns and his POST of today (Sept. 11) which was re-posted by Walter Abbott’s LINCOLN PARISH NEWS ONLINE, we have a pretty clear picture of why the LSPC, the equivalent of the state police civil service […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ha-Ha! — Nelson Muntz

  3. Oldman Says:

    Don’t worry people will forget about it after awhile and then things will go back to normal.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Why in the world is Goode still in the classroom? Have you all gone mad? Our children are the priorities here people!

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