Former Parish Fire Chief Loses Appeal on Comp Pay, Benefits

Louisiana’s Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against former Lincoln Parish Fire District No. 1 Fire Chief Dennis Ford, and upheld a Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Court decision that Ford is not entitled to comp time pay and paid medical benefits.

Wrote Judge Francis Jones Pittman, on behalf of a three-judge panel:

The trial court correctly determined that Mr. Ford is exempt as an executive, administrative or professional employee under the terms of the Fair Labor Standards Act and, therefore, is not entitled to compensatory time.


Mr. Ford did not have a vested right in health insurance as a retiree because this benefit was eliminated for retirees of LPFPD prior to his retirement. He testified that he approached the Board with the recommendation to obtain a new insurance policy. In 2007, he signed the application with BCBS, which states that the “retiree class is a closed class. No other retirees will be allowed to enroll.” He was aware that the retiree class was a closed class almost seven years before his retirement. Therefore, he did not prove that he had a vested right in health insurance as a retiree, and the trial court did not err in denying his claim.

See here the complete judgement.

Ford had originally sued in September, 2014 and had demanded nearly half a million dollars in comp time.

Ford’s attorney was Daniel Street. Representing the district was Shreveport Attorney Michael Lowe.


3 Responses to “Former Parish Fire Chief Loses Appeal on Comp Pay, Benefits”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good ruling , good riddance

  2. Anonymous Says:

    YOu missed the part where it said Ford has to pay for the costs of the appeal. I wonder if that extends to the defendant attorneys>

  3. workbad credit Says:

    lower insurance

    Former Parish Fire Chief Loses Appeal on Comp Pay, Benefits | Lincoln Parish News Online

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