Many Local Politicians Get Free Ride to Office

Many local politicians were unopposed for election at the closing of the three-day qualifying period at 4:30 PM today, including all the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB), all the Ruston City Council, the Mayor of Ruston, a Third Judicial District judge, and an appeals court judge.

Elected without opposition were:

Jay B. McCallum – Louisiana Court of Appeal, Second Circuit, District 2, Division 1
Jeff Robinson – Third Judicial District Court, Division A
Susan Wiley – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 1
David Ferguson – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 2
David Gullatt – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 3
Mike Barmore – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 4
Danny Hancock – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 5
Joe Mitcham – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 6
Hunter Smith – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 7
Lisa Best – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 8
Lynda Henderson – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 9
Otha Anders – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 10
George Mack, Jr. – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 11
Debbie Abrahm – Lincoln Parish School Board, District 12

Incumbent school board members Curtis Dowling (District 3) and Trott Hunt (District 7) did not run for re-election. All the others were incumbents and were unopposed.

Smith is a petroleum landman and graduate of Ruston High School and Louisiana Tech. Gullatt is an adjunct professor at Louisiana Tech.

Robinson is a local attorney and is an assistant district attorney in the Third Judicial District.

Also, incumbent Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker was unopposed, as was the entire incumbent Board of Aldermen:

Carolyn Cage – Alderman, Ward 1
Angela Mayfield – Alderman, Ward 2
Jedd Lewis – Alderman, Ward 3
Jim Pearce – Alderman, Ward 4
Bruce Siegmund – Alderman, Ward 5

The race for Division C of the Third Judicial District is contested, and will be decided on Tuesday, November 6.

Vying for that position are Bruce Hampton and Monique Clement.

42 Responses to “Many Local Politicians Get Free Ride to Office”

  1. Momoffive Says:

    Quite depressing for Ruston.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Citizens of Ruston be alert to city government standards set during this first term. Be watchful!

  3. Oldman Says:

    And we wonder why we don’t have good government. People don’t want to bother with running for office,let someone else do the dirty work. And then we get the career (criminal) I mean politician.

    • Anonymous Says:

      So we can expect your campaign announcement when?

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m too old at this point but have seen the Ruston decline since Hollingsworth left. Sickening. But I have friends ready to make it known we are dissatisfied. City dollars wasted. We don’t want to be known as a party town. Or only a college town. Retirees are now going elsewhere due to current leadership.

        • Anonymous Says:

          What do you want Ruston to be known as?

          • Anonymous Says:

            Great place to retire & grow old & good environment for grandchildren. Stable city. Debt free. Not a college party town. Pay attention to the anchors of the city. Those of us that made it long ago.

            • Anonymous Says:

              I don’t know if you were paying attention or not but the sales tax that past to fund the bond repayment got 70% of the vote. Also most of the infustructure projects that were funded for exception of the sports complex had been needed for more than a decade. So while Dan Slept through the last two terms of his administration the town crumbled around him. Except Railroad Park where he spent a million dollars by subverting the state bid laws to do the projects he wanted done.

            • Anonymous Says:

              What made Ruston a great place to go to college and/or to raise a family before your retirement; or did you only move here to retire?

        • Anonymous Says:

          Give us some facts Sirs on how you know retirees are choosing to go somewhere else because of current city government. Prove what you are saying don’t just run off at the mouth cause your guy didn’t win.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Our circle of friends recently had a “friendly” discussion at a bridge game and voted 5-3 that the our city is not going in the direction for older folks. We love our university but all events, especially at Railroad Park are geared to the young set – not older folks and definitely not retirees. It was the older generation, under the leadership of our last mayor, who made Ruston financially sound. Can’t say that it still is. The next generation will be paying for all Walker’s “projects” for years to come. The older generation deserves a say in all this. I don’t even think the city council has a say in the business of the city. The last word is always Walkers.

            • Anonymous Says:

              I guess you know 5 of 8 is a smaller percentage(62.5%) than the sales tax passed by right. Also that doesn’t really answer the question of what FACTS are you using to support your argument that retirees are going elsewhere because of the current administration. 8 folks really wouldn’t count as a good sample size either for any kind of accuracy in a survey.

              Have you bothered picking up your phone and calling your city councilman you know it takes three votes to get something passed or rejected and that’s an even smaller percentage than your 5 of 8 survey from the bridge group.

              Your bridge group should join the friends of the library organization. They sponsor a wide range of activities for the grumpy geriatric set.

          • Anonymous Says:

            We did vote for him & now regret it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      So tell us who you think the carrier “criminals “ are and back that up with some facts ie arrest reports, criminal complaints.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Apathy defined.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Progress not built with a foundation of honesty and good moral character will crumble. The Lord dictates that premise. City leaders take notice. Citizens, ask questions.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Recall anyone?

    • Anonymous Says:

      The Lord also said where there is no vision the people perish!!!

      Instead of being against everything find something positive to support maybe you should consider volunteering for the Dixie World Series coming in 2019 and see for yourself if you think the Mayors vision for the future might actually work.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    True 5 of the 8 is a small number. However, people are beginning to speak out and the snowball effect is just beginning. And as for your comment about “where there is no vision the people perish”, the citizens of Ruston have visions for the future and one is for honest leadership to lead us by God’s Grace,

    • Momoffive Says:

      It will happen too. God always wins. Always . He will restore Ruston to what it once was & we will have strong Christian leadership again. Even if we have to wait 4 more years. Be patient.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You must have missed that Sunday when they studied Jesus’s parable about the woman at the well. His words were simple “you who are without sin cast the first stone” and they all walked away.

      So you are unhappy with the vision laid out for the city, voted on and approved by the voters. First when they elected the Mayor in a landslide 60-40 vote. Then when the voter approved a sales tax on themselves with 70% of the vote. Instead of wearing out your city council member to have him or her vote against it and when that failed finding someone to run against them or doing it yourself. You start attacking their moral character. WOW I know your myopathy won’t allow you to see the hypocrisy of your statements. Maybe just maybe you should spend a little more time during your daily devotional praying for our community leaders and a little less time judging them.

      • Momoffive Says:

        Myopathy. Love that word. Check back in 4 years.

      • Anonymous Says:

        60-40 isn’t a landslide by any means. It’s 60-40. That’s a lot of people that didn’t want him. And think about all of the residents outside of Lincoln parish that can’t vote yet use the city for everything. Many are retirees that would have voted against.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Let’ see, “myopathy” refers to a clinical disorder of the skeletal muscles whereby muscle fibers do not function properly resulting in weakness. What does that have to do with anything?

    As for the 60-40 “landslide”, included in the 60% would be those who came forward to vote because of campaign promises and there were many and to many groups. I repeat: Check back in 4 years.

    • Anonymous Says:

      So you don’t like the choice of the word “Myopathy”. You are correct that techniqcally it means muscle weakness and can apply to numerous medical condition but in this instance it is used metaphorically to mean weakness of character of folks who are unhappy with their locally elected officials and instead of using facts to defend their argument about what is going on they choose to attack the moral character of the locally elected folks. Where else is that happening these days in our country today. Basically on every level of politics where the folks who are out of power accuse those in power of being immoral reprobates bent on destroying everything.

      You are also correct in saying that the Mayor made a lot of promises when he ran for office in 2014. In fact he handed out brosures laying out all the projects he felt where needed to bring Ruston forward into the 21st century. He called his platform “Moving Ruston Forward” if I remember correctly. Now your upset that he is actually doing what he said he was going to do. That platform was so well received amoung the voter that he gained 60% of the vote and while you may feel a 60-40 split is not a landslide it shows that he had OVERWHELMING support for the vision he presented. I also feel the fact that NOBODY ran against him in his first reelection Campaign shows there is still OVERWHELMING support for the projects he proposed.

      Your right we need to check back in four years where my guess is you will see a growing vibrant community with an additional hotel, more shopping opportunities, better infrastructure improvements and a growing local economy. But you’ll still be mad!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    You definitely need to check your grammar and spelling before publishing. That being said, no one is “mad” at what is going on. It is the actions taken (or lack thereof) by leadership to make things happen that has folks concerned and dismayed.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes his spelling and grammar distract from any point trying to make.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ok, again back to what got all this started. Could you please give some examples of what you are talking about? What actions or lack there of are you referencing? I don’t know where around town you’ve been driving but there is a lot of activity going on.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    It will all come out. Let’s follow the money trail. I’m sure the Legislative Auditor would be interested.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ok I give up. We started this with accusations of corruption by local elected officials with you calling them career criminals . Then we moved to saying the current administration was causing retirees to choose to relocate elsewhere or not locate here at all based on an 8 person survey of your bridge group. After that you attacked their moral character deeming them unfit to serve based on your religious views. Then you took shots at me because my grammar and spelling are I’ll admit terrible, all the while never presenting one shred of evidence to support your case. Now you finish by accusing them of financial misconduct despite the fact they have past four audits in a row with no findings. I wish you the best but I can’t fix stupid. I sincerely hope that you will start showing up for city council meetings and ask questions. I think it’s the second Monday of every month. Mr Abbott publishes the agenda so please show up informed and hopefully I’ll see you there.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Council meetings are first monday of each month and I’m usually there. Obviously you are not or you would know what day of the month meetings are held. No, you can’t fix stupid!

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