LPPJ Scores Clean Audit

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) earned an unqualified audit opinion for the the year ending 12/31/17, CPA William Hulsey told a special called meeting of the agency last night.

An unqualified opinion means that the financial statements present fairly the agency’s financial position according to generally accepted accounting principles.

Said Hulsey, “We had an unqualified opinion, which is the best opinion that you can get.” He added, “Expenses were down about $600 thousand. The general and administrative line item was down about $500 thousand.”

Hulsey noted that indicated good controls over administrative costs.

On an issue that has been of interest to us over the years, we asked Hulsey whether the long standing practice of appropriating monies from the Courthouse Capital Fund and spending it on other parish capital projects should trigger a finding.

According to prior years’ audits:

The Courthouse Capital Projects Fund (CCPF) is used to account for renovations of the Courthouse. Financing is provided primarily by operating transfers from the General Fund.

Earlier this year, some $800 thousand was transferred from that fund to pay for an addition to the Exhibition Center.

Several years ago, around a million dollars was transferred from the fund to pay for extensive renovations to the Lincoln Parish Detention Center.

Hulsey said he didn’t think the practice warranted a finding, but that he would contact the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s office to get their take on the issue.

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