Shadoin: Keeping “temporary” Taxes is Really a Tax Cut

Two years ago, the Louisiana Legislature and Governor Bel Edwards put in place a “temporary” one cent sales tax increase, set to expire 6/30/18. Guess where Lincoln Parish’s state representative comes down on this issue as the deadline approaches.

14 Responses to “Shadoin: Keeping “temporary” Taxes is Really a Tax Cut”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    How much longer has Shadoin got? I hope it’s not long. Will he run for another term? I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher now!

  3. Hico man Says:

    Why does being elected to public office makes a sane person insane? Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Do as you’re told. — Rob Shadoin.

  5. Oldman Says:

    Taxation,that’s all democrats think about. How about spending the money we have wisely. What % of the budget is for high salaries and high dollar benefits? Million dollar salaries are too high for public service. The private sector could not operate like the gov. does,the public could not afford groceries or anything else. I hope this governor is replaced with someone with common sense which he does not have.

    • Forest Gump Says:

      Who in the public sector in La. has a million dollar salary?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hi, Mr. Obvious, first time caller here.

        • Forest Gump Says:

          I suspect the only government employees with million dollar salaries in Louisiana are college coaches.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Oldman was using rhetoric when he wrote “Million dollar salaries” but don’t let that stop your vacation down the rabbit hole.

    • "The Under Represented" Says:

      Fact check for Oldman. President of The United States $400,000.00 annual Salary, $50,000.00 annual expense account, $100,000.00 non-taxable travel account. That’s $550,000.00 total. The Governor of LA $130,000.00 ties for 30th in the Nation. So which politician is making a million dollars. I am pretty sure you could take the base pay for every LA Representative and Senator and they would not add up to a Million dollars. It’s obviously been a very long time if ever since you’ve been in the private sector. Private sector pays way better !!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oldman was using rhetoric when he wrote “Million dollar salaries” but don’t let that stop your vacation down the rabbit hole.

  6. Mr. E Says:

    It’s not “million dollar salaries” that are the problem. Louisiana has a plethora of multi-million dollar consulting contracts serving little to no good that need to be abolished. The legislature and the governor have demonstrated time and again that they can find money for pet projects when they desire.

    Louisiana needs an executive team focused on cutting taxes and regulations to increase the business opportunities of this state along the lines of what President Trump has accomplished nationally to jump start the economy. A key aspect of such a plan for Louisiana must be a strong tort reform law akin to that of Texas to rein in lawyers seeking to rob businesses that wish to locate here.

    As for state salaries, there’s a website which lists the salaries of every public employee in Louisiana. In 2016, Les Miles, Head Coach of LSU, made $4.39 million. Football is still gets more support than politics in Louisiana, probably because it’s more entertaining given the current crop of dour politicians.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Since you made a swipe at LSU football you my need to know this:

      “The Tigers football team made a profit of about $56.1 million in the 2016-17 academic year, an increase of nearly $1 million from 2015-16. LSU football raked in $86.1 million in revenue, most of it through ticket sales ($36.2M) and contributions ($24M). It spent about $30.1 million, much of that on coaching salaries ($11.8M).” — theadvocate dot com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_4e657258-0605-11e8-bb2a-9f9c95e2a97b.html

      LSU’s athletic department announced Monday that it’ll transfer $10 million to the university — about $3 million more than its required payment.

      In the past five fiscal years, the department said it has transferred an average of $8.7 million each year ($43.5 million overall).

      “These funds provide vital resources for our students, faculty and staff, and they help to sustain LSU as one of the top research institutions in the country,” Athletic Director Joe Alleva said. — theadvocate dot com/baton_rouge/sports/lsu/article_4e56bde5-9926-5054-a3af-afff6430575e.html

      • Mr. E Says:

        You apparently misunderstood my comment. I wasn’t making a swipe at LSU football – I was making a swipe at the poor crop of Louisiana politicians currently in office.

        Exception was taken above at “million dollar salaries” for politicians, and I pointed out that the largest salary expense for a state employee was $4.39 million for Les Miles in 2016. It’s not the politicians making “million dollar salaries.”

        I’m well aware of LSU football’s contribution to the university and have no problem with LSU paying its coaches whatever amount they deem prudent as long as the sports program continues to show a profit and we taxpayers aren’t on the hook for their salaries. Full disclosure: I’m an alumnus of LA Tech, so save the canned speech justifying university sports programs because they contribute more than they cost.

        In your rush to defend LSU sports, did you happen to catch the first part of my comment explaining what Louisiana needs to do to become a state that attracts businesses so its college graduates don’t have to move to Texas upon graduating from our excellent universities?

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