Louisiana Teachers to Strike?

Survey shows Louisiana teachers support a strike for pay raises

By Wilborn P. Nobles III
NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

Sixty one percent of respondents in an online survey by the Louisiana Federation of Teachers said they would support a statewide walkout or strike in order to force lawmakers to approve pay increases. The survey results were released Monday (May 21) by the teachers union.

An LFT news release stated 3,832 teachers from 73 school districts in Louisiana responded to the “Louisiana Teacher Salary Satisfaction Survey,” which was provided between April 10 and May 7. Les Landon, spokesperson for the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, said Monday the survey was “promoted heavily” through social media and that it was not limited to LFT’s 20,000 union members.

The survey’s findings come as teachers across several states stage walkouts over school funding. The results show that 67 percent and 76 percent of respondents are willing to petition their local school board and lawmakers in Baton Rouge, respectively, to demand pay raises. When asked “Which of these steps are you willing to take to win significant pay raises,” 59 percent said they would do a “mass demonstration” at the state Capitol in Baton Rouge.

LFT Press Release


10 Responses to “Louisiana Teachers to Strike?”

  1. Macedonia gent Says:

    If any Lincoln parish teachers support this strike, they should terminated. Extra pay checks for work not done should keep them happy! How many other school boards provide extra pay as LPSB does?

    • On The Outside Looking In Says:

      Although I am not privy to each school boards policy, I would imagine any district that is partially funded by a sales tax would receive this “bonus” when receipts exceeded anticipated amounts. I would hate to see teachers strike/walkout/etc. But when the teachers have to take money out of their own pocket to purchase needed supplies for their rooms, something needs to change. Perhaps the number of central office supervisors could be pared in order to purchase items rather than the teachers having to do so. No, I am not a teacher, but having had three teachers in my immediate family, I am well aware of the burden placed on classroom teachers. Again, just like Macedonia gent, this is just one man’s humble opinion.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Teachers should have teaching supplies provided. Period. But giving teacher raises out when no money is there for teaching supplies is totally irrational. Does no one see that? Is rational thought even available in the Education Industry? For that matter, is teaching children a priority in the Education Industry?

  2. KJV Says:

    You, my brothers , were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature: rather, serve one another in love. Galatians 5:13

  3. Oldman Says:

    Public servants should not be able to strike. If don’t like your job quit and get another.

  4. Hico man Says:

    Do not think that teachers are required to buy supplies in Lincoln parish. LPSB is flush with money. Look at all the new buildings, track fields, and scoreboard. No need for teachers to buy supplies. Perhaps someone thinks that there is no money for supplies and the School Boards pushes that narrative. Which is BS. But suppose this is true. That there is no money for supplies. Here is why that could be. Teachers and all other government employees, in Louisiana can retire with full pay after the required time. Louisiana government employees pay no Louisiana income tax on their retirement pay. Can anyone name a private or stock owned business/ industry that provides benefits such as the government employees enjoy. Oh yea, withholding those extra pay checks could buy a lot of supplies. After all it’s for the kids.

    • Mr. E Says:

      Yeah, I’m sick of hearing that old liberal meme about underfunded teachers having to buy school supplies for children. The libs have run this and all the other memes such as “It’s for the kids” into the ground. Better to homeschool your kids to avoid the liberal indoctrination anyway. And yeah, liberal indoctrination most certainly does go on in Lincoln Parish!

  5. Oldman Says:

    Kids come in last after the school board pi**es off the money then they have the nerve to ask for more.Teachers who strike should be looking for another job,period.

  6. Forest Gump Says:

    What annoys me about teachers in LP is all the constant whining; on Facebook particularly.
    Look, I get it. You don’t make much money. You have to babysit other people’s kids all day. The moneyed families send their kids to Cedar Creek.
    If you don’t like the job or the salary, just freaking quit. No one is forcing you to babysit Equanishia and Colby at RES. Just quit. Someone else will take your job. Lay off the whiny posts on social media.

  7. Cowboy Says:

    One word: homeschooling!

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