Lincoln Parish Court House to get Security Improvements

The Lincoln Parish Court House is about to get some security upgrades, after a vote to approve some of the recommendations heard in the Lincoln Parish Police Jury’s Public Property and Buildings Committee meeting.

Among the more significant improvements proposed are new entryway doors at the north ground floor and south first floor, a metal detector and package x-ray device for the south entryway, and a handicap access ramp for the south entryway.

When completed, the only access for the public will be through the south door that faces West Texas Avenue. The metal detector and x-ray will be placed at that location, and manned with two security guards whenever the court house is open.

Court house employees will be able to enter through the other entryways via an electronically activated lock.

Estimated cost of the improvements is about $128 thousand.

Jury Purchasing Agent Jeri Webb and Homeland Security Director Kip Franklin made the presentation.

Franklin noted that the courthouses in other area parishes had secure entryways in place, including Jackson, Bienville, and Ouachita.

Not approved was the hiring of the security guards. Jurors balked at the $32/hour rate for each of two Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies.

The estimated yearly cost for the deputies is about $94 thousand.

See here the complete presentation.

Another court house issue addressed was repairs to the elevator. The device is vintage 1950, and has many outdated parts, which must be replaced.

The cost of that item was estimated at about $150 thousand.

See here the presentation.

In the full jury meeting, the opioid litigation was again on the agenda. Like last months meeting, there was considerable discussion.

Some jurors suggested the possibility of hearing more pitches from interested attorneys before making a final decision, but most were inclined otherwise.

Said District Six juror Walter Pullen, “What we should decide is, whether or not we’re going to pursue the action.”

Jury President Randy Roberson added, “I’m ready to vote now not to pursue it. I think it’s nothing but trouble.”

On a motion by Pullen – seconded by Annette Straughter – to decline participation in any lawsuit, the jury agreed 10-1. Voting no was Nancy Wilson. Jody Backus was absent.

In other business, there was a bit of commentary during the budget presentation regarding jury funding for sheriff’s deputy transportation of prisoners. That particular line item is budgeted for $30 thousand for the year.

Skip Russell (District 8) said, “Should we have the the detention center make some sandwiches, so they can take along with them? They won’t have to stop at these seafood places – they’re eating too good.”

Bobby Bennett added, “I hear potted meat’s on sale.”

Edited 5/11/18 – 1:00 PM

We were notified today that the pay rate for deputies should have been listed @ $22.50/hr, rather than the original $32/hr. The estimated yearly cost of $94 thousand is accurate.

5 Responses to “Lincoln Parish Court House to get Security Improvements”

  1. D'arbonne Says:

    Backus was absent AGAIN!!!!!?????
    I wish someone would go public with his absentee rate. The percentage has to be high. If this were a real job he’d been sent home a long time ago. He can’t take this elected position seriously and miss work so much. Heck, they only meet once a month. The folks in his district have NO representation.

  2. Cowboy Says:

    So, the Jury justifies adding expensive security to the courthouse which isn’t needed just because all the other Parishes are upgrading their courthouses. It’s always the personnel costs which come out breaking these efforts. Security devices are useless without personnel to man them. Lincoln Parish is about as far removed from potential terrorist activity as you can get. No targets of opportunity exist, etc. All this extra security is going to do is piss off the Parish residents who have to do business at the courthouse, and contribute to their jaded cynicism towards government at every level unnecessarily intruding into their lives.

    This is nothing more than nanny state bullschitt packaged as security for public consumption. Ben Franklin warned that those who would trade their liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security. All this extra security will only further insulate the local bureaucrats from the public whom they’re supposed to be serving. Just because all the other Parishes are doing it isn’t a valid reason for Lincoln Parish to do it. If they all jumped off a bridge, should we do so also?

    Glad to see some sanity in the Jury refusing to jump on the opioid litigation bandwagon with its false promises of riches extravagantly detailed by silver-tongue attorneys oozing oily exuberance. With lawyers, the only riches are the ones which flow into their pockets. Lawyers never come out from under their rocks unless they smell an opportunity for them to make money no matter how beguiling their promises. Roberson is absolutely correct in assessing that this litigation is nothing but trouble which will end up costing the Jury far more than they can imagine. Best to stay as far away from lawyers and doctors as possible unless you absolutely need them.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think Russell & Bennett may have a cost cutter, with sack lunches for the deputies transporting inmates. Try a baloney sandwich with a small bag of chips and water. Just like the passengers. No potted meat, to expensive. For variation, try day old or two day old bread.

  4. Oldman Says:

    Too late to add expensive security,the crooks are already in the court house. It would be empty.

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