“5G” Enhanced Cell Phone Service Coming to Area

Typical “small cell” Installation on Utility Pole

Improved cell phone and wireless data connectivity could be available in the Ruston area within the next year or so, if the Ruston City Council next month approves an ordinance introduced at last night’s meeting.

The new ordinance would allow the city to lease space on utility poles for “small cells,” enabling 5g (fifth generation) cell and mobile data coverage. These cells will augment the network of existing cell phone towers, and fill in areas that now may have marginal coverage. They would form a dense network to relay signals to one another, much like the existing cell tower system does, but with more complete coverage.

Additionally, a 5g network will allow greatly increased mobile data speeds, up to 1 gigabit/second, it is claimed.

The ordinance sets uniform standards for placement of the units, so as to prevent obstruction to existing facilities, and assure preservation of the areas where the units are installed.

A representative of AT&T was at the meeting, telling Lincoln Parish News Online that should the ordinance be approved, work could begin on the system within a matter of months.

See here the proposed ordinance.

16 Responses to ““5G” Enhanced Cell Phone Service Coming to Area”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Who authored the ordinance?

    • Anonymous Says:

      City Attorney but mayor has the last word on ALL matters and is done his way regardless.

  2. ShowMeResults Says:

    So AT&T lobby has convinced the City of Ruston leaders that we just can’t live without 5G and it can’t live without the extra revenue. The proper question we should be asking: is 5G safe? What attempts has the wireless industry made to determine the effects of 5G EMF radiation emissions on our health? What effort has the Ruston city administration and/or Board of Aldermen made to discover the potential human health effects of 5G EMF radiation exposure? Scientific studies and research have increasingly shown that exposure to EMF radiation has a long list of harmful human health effects. The FCC standards for safe levels of radiation exposure have long been obsolete. Why is that?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ruston city administration caring? You are joking? They care not and this council . Well this council is lacking.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Aluminum helmets help with that exposure. You can make them at home.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Is there a way we can all show up to protest this at meeting next month? I certainly don’t want my grandchildren growing up around this radiation in Ruston. I’ll spread the word if everyone agrees to attend.

  3. Cowboy Says:

    Forget the EMF radiation safety distraction. Start wondering when the traffic cameras are coming with photo-enforced traffic management packaged as safety to justify the huge money grab! Oh, we’re not raising taxes, say the politicians. They just turn on the money spigot of traffic cameras. This is just infrastructure emplacement to get ready for what’s coming.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Aren’t they already here? Thought there were traffic cameras . One in front of Walmart.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wake up people! Start making the present City administration answer the tough questions about finances, recycling revenues in the red, cutting employee benefits and raising health premiums, etc., etc., etc. You know, taking care of the working man!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Mr. Walter, it is time to ask some serious questions about City finances……Some of that stuff involving taxpayers money and I’m talking big bucks is not legal.

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