Why Judges Say they Need More of your Tax Dollars

Louisiana Supreme Court chief justice calls for increased judiciary funding; Here’s how its budget serves communities

BY KATIE GAGLIANO | kgagliano@theadvocate.com

Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Bernette Joshua Johnson pushed increased judiciary funding to state legislators Monday, just days after the House stalled the judiciary’s budget bill.

Johnson, giving the annual state of the judiciary address, before a joint meeting of the Legislature, called for support of the judiciary’s proposed $180 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

She said the budget helps cover discretionary programs that bolster communities and reduce incarceration and recidivism rates. While funds for judicial salaries and retirement benefits are mandated by law, funds for these programs are not and suffer from cuts, she said.

But then there is this annual recurring meeting…

LSBA 77th Annual Meeting and LJC/LSBA Joint Summer School

Welcome to the Louisiana State Bar Association’s 77th Annual Meeting and the LJC/LSBA Joint Summer School: “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.”

This year’s Jimmy Buffett-themed conference will be returning to the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in sunny Destin, Florida- allowing participants to enjoy six days of substantive programming, exciting social events and fascinating speakers in a relaxed setting.

New This Year: With a great new theme, comes a great new poolside party! Come enjoy a cheeseburger in paradise at the “Back to the Bay” Wednesday night reception. The child-friendly event will feature a delicious buffet dinner and a live Jimmy Buffett cover band, held at the beautiful Bayside Pool Deck.


One Response to “Why Judges Say they Need More of your Tax Dollars”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Louisiana’s Justice Industry has forever been out of compliance with Gideon v Wainwright, and continuously on the verge of a smackdown from the Feds about their violations of the 5th and the 6th.

    But let’s allocate more for discretionary programs, right?

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