Sparta Commission’s Spivey: “We’ve Changed Direction”

Saying the Sparta Ground Water Commission had received significant pushback from area local governments on the commission’s recent efforts to take control of the Sparta Aquifer, commission Chair Zack Spivey asked the other commissioners to garner input to guide future efforts.

Said Spivey, “I think I’ve kinda guided our organization in a direction that maybe got too far ahead of the bodies that nominate us. We didn’t bring them along with us. We asked for something, and there was pretty strong opposition to what I was wanting to do. So we’ve changed direction.”

The commissioners are recommended for appointment by local governing bodies, cities, and industry groups in a 16 parish area of North Louisiana.

The remarks came at yesterday’s meeting of the commission in Jonesboro.

Spivey asked the other commissioners to stay closely in touch with local governments and industry groups.

“We need to find out what those agencies, bodies, companies, that nominate our commissioners, where we would like to be going. If we try to get too far ahead of them, they may have some ideas that they don’t want us to go there,” Spivey said.

Spivey also noted the recent successful efforts to reduce demand on the aquifer, one being the use of wastewater from an Arcadia chicken processing plant for leaching salt from underground domes. These domes are then employed as natural gas storage areas that hold gas in reserve for high winter demand.

Also, the Town of Homer is using their treated sewage output to irrigate the municipal golf course.

Over the past several years, total demand on the aquifer has declined from a high of about 70 million gallons/day to about 55 million gallons/day.

Earlier, the group amended the minutes of the 1/10/18 meeting where an illegal secret session was held.

Spivey blamed the mistake on “bad advice from counsel.”


13 Responses to “Sparta Commission’s Spivey: “We’ve Changed Direction””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Government exists to serve the population. If you cannot remember that you should be evicted from government service.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What is happening to Ruston and to Lincoln Parish? Is it the mayor? The jurors? Who’s at fault? Will we all wonder someday what went wrong when all the glitz is gone that this mayor promoting? Ruston was not this way years ago. It’s becoming a party town.

  3. Cowboy Says:

    “Said Spivey, ‘I think I’ve kinda guided our organization in a direction that maybe got too far ahead of the bodies that nominate us. We didn’t bring them along with us. We asked for something, and there was pretty strong opposition to what I was wanting to do. So we’ve changed direction.'”

    Spivey’s mea culpa amounts to admitting that he and his liberal cronies overreached in their estimation of reaction to their little totalitarian takeover plot! By “changing direction,” Spivey is indicating that his merry little band of local liberals are going to retreat back into the shadows to build additional support in anticipation of their next attempt to seize power.

    With this attempt by Spivey and his liberals to have the legislature transfer the power to tax citizens and rob them of their mineral rights, it should be obvious that their end game is nothing short of totalitarianism on a local level. Once these unelected bureaucrats get the power they seek, we the citizens and landowners will have absolutely NO recourse when they come after us. The liberal playbook is the same whether it’s whacked out California or forgotten north Louisiana.

    Once these unelected bureaucrats get their power and begin to act egregiously, the landowners will begin to complain and be met with bureaucrats innocuously reminding us that we voted for this when actually we never voted for but it was passed by the legislature. The liberals always try to make it sound like we citizens wanted them to do this and they are merely doing our will when nothing could be further from the truth. They always disguise their true motives behind innocent proclamations of merely trying to save the Sparta when the Sparta doesn’t even need saving, or merely trying to do the right thing when it’s always the liberals defining what the “right thing” is.

    It’s time to kill off the Sparta Aquifer Commission once and for all since they’ve outed themselves as local liberal totalitarians and exposed their secret agenda. Their promises to “do the right thing” are nothing more than an attempt to retreat underground until another opportunity presents itself once everyone has forgotten about this sordid takeover attempt.

    Spivey’s attempt to gain unprecedented power for his little totalitarian fiefdom has backfired big time, and now he’s in damage control mode attempting to save his little commission so he can try again later. They’re afraid that we citizens WILL demand an end to their little commission, so they promise anything to placate us so their organizational backbone can remain in place.

    It’s time we demanded the dissolution of the Sparta Aquifer Commission! They serve no useful purpose and obviously seek to gain power over us that is not beholden to us. Where do we citizens and landowners seek redress if and when they get the power they were seeking to levy taxes upon us (in the form of fees, that liberal favorite coined by Bill Clinton) or restrict our property rights or seize our mineral rights? The commission members aren’t elected. They are appointed by other elected officials and their power would come from the legislature staffed by other elected officials. We landowners would have no place to seek redress for the usurpation of our rights, and that is the antithesis of the Constitution’s goal of protecting our rights from the power of the government!

    Don’t believe for one second that Spivey and his ilk have suddenly seen the light like a wretched sinner having a religious epiphany! Spivey and his liberal bunch got caught overreaching, and the only thing they’re truly sorry about is that they got caught!

    It’s time to end this madness by throwing out Spivey’s bunch and shutting this source of taxpayer trouble down! Let’s help President Trump Make America Great Again by running off these local liberals and shutting down their access to power! Demand your local Police Juror take action to shut down the Sparta Aquifer Commission. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel about yourself for getting involved.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Why are some posts gone now? There had been 11 replies and now are only 6. If some are being deleted I think I have no desire to visit this site again.

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