LPPJ Votes to Proceed on $64 Thousand Asst Admin Hire

Despite the best efforts of District Three Juror Bobby Bennett to convince his fellow committee members otherwise, the Personnel/Benefits Committee of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury voted begin the process of hiring an Assistant Parish Administrator, at a $63,793.67 yearly salary. Jody Backus’ (District Seven) motion was to begin advertising for applicants, interview the applicants, and make a hire within the next three months.

Voting for the motion were Backus, Hazel Hunter (District Two), and Annette Straughter (District Twelve).

Bennett voted against the motion.

Parish Administrator Courtney Hall told the jurors that he intended to retire at the end of 2019, and that the position was included in the jury administration organizational charts.

Bennett said the year and a half time period until Hall retires, with an assistant on the payroll, was too long.

“There’s not a man around this table that had a business that would pay someone for a year and a half to be an assistant, Bennett said.”

Jury President Randy Roberson (District Four) said that there needed to be “continuity” when Hall retires.

Notable was the disagreement between Roberson and Bennett, who normally vote together on issues.

Roberson: “I’ll say this about the money. That money would not hire a mechanic where I work.”

Bennett: “Well, you’re with a big oil company. That’s a lot of difference when people have a lot of money to throw around. They can hire people they don’t need.”

Hall’s salary with benefits is about $130 thousand/year.

We will have additional reporting later on what else took place at the meeting.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Government growth is the enemy of freedom, individual liberty, and natural rights. Those who cannot do independently look to government to force others to do for them.

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