Minutes from 2/26/18 Sparta Meeting

We have received a copy of the 2/26/2018 meeting of the Sparta Groundwater Commission. Here are some of the pertinent details.

The February 26, 2018 meeting of the Sparta Groundwater Conservation District Commission was called to order by Mr. Zack Spivey at 10:00 A.M. at the Historic Fire Station in Ruston, LA in Lincoln Parish. Members present were Zack Spivey, Nick Cox, Charles Hughes, Jerry Taylor, Mike Carpenter, Lindsey Vincent, Rick Buckner, Terry Emory and Lynn Treadway.

Also welcomed guest Mr. Skip Russell from the Lincoln Parish Police Jury, Mayor Ronny Walker from Ruston, Cortney Hall from Lincoln Parish Police Jury, Mr. Richard Durrett and Hailey Broussard from Waggoner Engineering, and Mr. Rick Holt, a former Sparta Groundwater commissioner.

Executive Committee Report and Recommendation – Zack Spivey, Chairman led in a discussion of amending our enabling legislation, giving us the authority to access fees to support the conservation effects of the SGWC and it would amend the way our commissioners are appointed. It was requested by Jerry Taylor that we put a limit on our authority, limits on the amount of money we will generate, and that the commission will keep its cost at a minimum. Mr. Spivey agreed and stated that the SGWC is not interested in building an empire. Mayor Ronny Walker asked the question if there was anything in the new legislation that would hold Sparta user accountable for the water they used. Mr. Nick Cox stated that SGW commissioners do not desire to be the water police. Mrs. Lindsay Gouedy explained to everyone about how our proposed legislation has evolved with input from local industries and other groundwater commissions. Mr. Zack Spivey stated that we would be required to have a public hearing before we could establish a fee structure, and that we would establish such a fee structure after we receive public input and after we spend much time and some money doing research on setting up the fee structure. Mr. Nick Cox made a motion that we submit this draft legislation with the changes we needed to make to our legislator. Motion was 2nd by Rick Buckner. Motion passed Unanimously.

See here the complete document.

4 Responses to “Minutes from 2/26/18 Sparta Meeting”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So they’re saying they want to impose a fee on every structure in the District?

    H/T Cathy Newmark

  2. DDDDD Says:

    Lynn Treadway forget where he worked at? Dumb decision on his part, but it doesn’t surprise me.

  3. David K Says:

    Lynn is a follow the leader type guy. Does what he is told.

  4. Wolfman Says:

    You are so right, the other Eddie L likes him being around just an other vote.

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