Lincoln School Board, City of Ruston Negotiating Property Deal

If negotiations are successful, the Lincoln Parish School District will donate about 8 acres of land and buildings to the City of Ruston, in lieu of about $1.8 million in cash, to help pay for the new sports complex under construction on South Farmerville Street.

Last fall, the board approved a capital outlay plan that included monies that would go toward softball fields and tennis courts that would be used by Lincoln Parish students.

The acreage to be deeded to the city is located on Mayberry Street and is the site of the old Lincoln High School. The property recently appraised for about $2 million, District Superintendent Mike Milstead said. The value differences would be worked out in negotiations, he added.

Asked about future uses for the old school property, Milstead said the Headstart Program could be relocated there from its temporary location at the Zion Traveler’s Baptist Church.

The board’s Building & Grounds Committee, and the full board, approved moving forward with negotiations.

Here’s the memo.

During the business portion of the meeting, Business Manager George Murphy noted that the employee medical plan ended the year paying out more in claims than was received in premiums by some $1.6 million.

Additional changes the program were likely in the future, he said.

Here’s the memo.

Teachers that will staff the Enhanced School Calendar program next summer will receive about $7,700 more in pay for the additional 30 school days they will be working, LPNO can report.

Average teacher pay for the 182 day school calendar is about $47 thousand/year, while those working the summer program will receive about $54.7 thousand.

2 Responses to “Lincoln School Board, City of Ruston Negotiating Property Deal”

  1. Another Oldman Says:

    Mayor clueless. He said at meeting last night 38% of residents at poverty level but he keeps spending on sports complex or bike trails or painted murals? What’s wrong with this picture? And he apologizes for not having enough police officers? There goes the city. Welcome the debt.

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