Power Restored to Jackson Parish

Jackson Parish Entergy customers are back on line late this morning after what a spokesman for the company said were “load issues” as a result of the cold weather.

Electric power demand is often greatest during extreme cold weather.

Roderick Worthy told Lincoln Parish News Online that high demand spikes can sometimes result in distribution system imbalances.

Said Worthy, “Sometimes we have to manually re-balance the system” to fix the problem. Worthy added there appeared to be no major equipment failures.

The outages began to appear early this morning, and affected nearly 3 thousand customers by about 8 AM.

2 Responses to “Power Restored to Jackson Parish”

  1. biggs Says:

    How many chickens died?

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Shouldn’t the illegal Hurricane Katrina charge keep this from happening? I mean all that extra money should be going to infrastructure of the system right? >>

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