Detention Center Budgets Adopted

It took but a few minutes at Tuesday’s meeting to adopt the Lincoln Parish Detention Center’s budgets for 2017 (revised), and 2018 (estimated), so the meeting only took about fifteen minutes. Had one other member been absent, there would have been no quorum to conduct the meeting.

Present were Lincoln Parish Police Jury President Randy Roberson, Sheriff Mike Stone, and Ruston Police Department Chief Steve Rogers. Absent were District Attorney John Belton, and Police Juror Joe Henderson.

Warden Jim Tuten noted in his report that the jail housed about 250 prisoners, about 10 above the limit. He explained that some fifty of the inmates had the flu, and couldn’t be sent to other facilities.

Said Tuten, “We can’t ship anybody to another jail, because nobody wants our flu.”

The commission also approve the minutes from the 11/30/17 meeting.


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