More on the LSP Crib

The (Baton Rouge, LA) Advocate has a front-page story with more details on the infamous “crib” located at the Department of Public Safety’s Baton Rouge compound.

Is it legal? Mike Edmonson’s tax-free lifestyle sparks questions about other Louisiana-paid housing


The legislative auditor’s report that lambasted Mike Edmonson reverberated through the state Capitol last week, as lawmakers heard testimony that the former State Police superintendent exploited taxpayer money to provide a life of perks and privilege for his family.

Among the audit’s chief findings was that Edmonson and his family lived rent-free at the State Police compound in Baton Rouge, relying on prisoners for cooking, cleaning and even dog-walking services for nearly nine years.

That allegation — and claims the state dropped the ball by not including the accommodations in Edmonson’s W-2 income — raises questions about similar state-paid housing arrangements extended to certain university presidents, prison wardens and other officials across state government.

Dozens of other state employees who receive complimentary housing do not pay taxes for that benefit because the accommodations are a condition of their employment. That appears to be a key difference in the case of Edmonson, who became the first superintendent to move his family into the Residential Conference Center, a property built in 2002 to house the governor and State Police superintendent during emergency situations.

Edmonson’s successor, Col. Kevin Reeves, now stays at the residence during the week but returns to his home and family in Jackson Parish on weekends. “I do not by any means live in the house,” Reeves said. “It is a place for me to stay and lay my head while I’m here.”

Remember, there’s a special session of the Legislature coming within the next few months, and all we’ll hear from Bel Edwards and the thieves at the State Capitol is that we’re not paying enough taxes.


10 Responses to “More on the LSP Crib”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    crib (krĭb) n. home, domicile, or dwelling
    ex. Dang, man, your CRIB is phat YO! (Your house is very pleasing to the eye; Contemporary flare, yet structurally sound. May I have a look around my good man?)

  2. Andrew Says:

    I do not see any issue with the head of the state police living in such arrangements. We all want them to respond at a moments notice and if we have him housed in downtown Baton Rouge on state police head quarters he can get on the state police helicopter and be to any situation within mins vs hours

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes, that’s the perfect arrangement for a budget conscious state government. Right?

  3. Andrew Says:

    I see no one complaining at ole Les Guice living in his sprawling house over looking la tech. Can anyone please explain if we are looking at budget woes why we are provinding these useless government employees who make enough to live in the nicer sections of Ruston on there own dollar. We don’t need Les available 24/7 like we do the state police.

  4. Vee Says:

    It should be a policy of the state to reduce funding to any government agency by the same value of money fraudulently used by anyone in that agency. In the Edmonson case of housing, the estimated amount of rent he didn’t pay is $434,720.
    Then there were overtime payments to some officers not in the line of duty, hotel rooms used illegally, dry cleaning for which Edmonson got taxpayers to pick up the tab, non duty use of state cars and gasoline; the list goes on and on.
    To reduce state funding by the amount of misused funds wouldn’t hurt the agency at all, because this particular agency has proved it could function without the money that enriched the few “elite”.
    It’s time to reduce government monies and give taxpayers some relief.

  5. Oldman Says:

    Housing would be ok for state police but not maids,meals,and other perks. Let him pay for everything except housing ,he’s making the big bucks.

    • Vee Says:

      The auditors stated he (Edmonson) lacked legal authority to live in free housing. No one is above the law. Edmonson owes the taxpayers for all the mis-spent monies. The state should not only get reimbursed, but should cut the agency’s budget by that amount. See how quickly the state coffers could be filled without any new taxes on the people who are tired of sacrificing their family incomes for such goings on in government.
      Since the agency has proved they could operate fully without the money that went illegally into personal accounts there could be no whining about their funding cut.

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