Audit: LSP’s Edmonson was a Dirty Cop

Scathing audit finds Mike Edmonson took repeated handouts, used State Police role for personal gain


As Louisiana’s longest-tenured State Police superintendent, Mike Edmonson created a life of luxury for his family at taxpayers’ expense, ordering troopers to chauffeur his wife around the state, tapping state resources to service his son’s Jeep and even relying on trusties to walk the family dog at the Department of Public Safety compound where the Edmonsons lived rent-free for years.

Edmonson, who retired amid scandal this year, also allowed friends to stay in New Orleans hotel rooms — paid for by the city of New Orleans — reserved for troopers providing security at Mardi Gras; ate free meals at the State Police cafeteria; ordered inmates to deliver food to his residence; and improperly used the Governor’s Mansion dry-cleaning service to clean his uniforms — while taking a stipend from the state for dry cleaning.

Those are among the findings of a scathing report being finalized this month by the state Legislative Auditor’s Office — an inquiry that portrays Edmonson as a freeloader who never turned down a handout.

The report, a draft of which was obtained by The Advocate, concludes that Edmonson may have broken several laws during his nine years as superintendent, a tenure marked by a pattern of using public resources for personal benefit and questionable excesses, like free tickets to the annual Endymion ball.


2 Responses to “Audit: LSP’s Edmonson was a Dirty Cop”

  1. Oldman Says:

    There ought to be some way for the state to get some of the money back. Take it out of his high dollar retirement,the state cannot afford to keep on letting this happen.

    • Anonymous Says:

      “. . .the state cannot afford to keep on letting this happen. . .”

      Louisiana’s own Deep State are watching, taking notes, and waiting for their own opportunity.

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