Cooktown Road District Tax Approved

Ruston’s Board of Aldermen unanimously approved at last night’s meeting an ordinance levying a 1/2 cent sales tax within the recently created Cooktown Road Economic Development District, located at the northwest corner of I-20 and Cooktown Road. The tax will be over and above any other state or local sales taxes and is to fund infrastructure improvements related to the district.

See here the ordinance as adopted.

Hutton, a Chatanooga, TN based developer, will build a multi-tenant retail facility on the 15 1/2 acre site. The company has several properties in Louisiana, including the Walmart Neighborhood Market on West California.

The council also approved a preliminary plat of Cypress Run Subdivision, a 28 acre development that will have 74 lots for single-family houses. The subdivision is on South Barnett Springs Street, just south of West Barnett Springs Avenue.

There was some concern about soil erosion washing into a neighbor’s pond, but the developer promised to take whatever measures necessary to prevent any problems.

Approval was given for preliminary engineering to extend Goyne Street from West Alabama north to the South Service Road. It will connect just west of the Temple Baptist Church parking lot, and should help alleviate some of the traffic at the Service Road/Cooktown intersection.

One Response to “Cooktown Road District Tax Approved”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Where are the Cooktown Ladies?

    I bet my money on a bob-tailed nag,
    Somebody bet on the gray.

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