Jury Ups Funding to Agencies

Funding was increased by about $100 thousand (from about $600 thousand to about $700 thousand) to several agencies that the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) partially finances at last night’s meeting. Most of the increase ($65 thousand) was for new recording equipment for the three courtrooms of the Third Judicial District Court.

Almost all the agencies received what they had requested.

See here the funding awarded vs last year’s funding level.
See here the originally requested amounts.

One agency was notably excluded from funding.

During the the Finance Committee meeting, Jody Backus (district 7) moved to strike all the requested $10,700 for the Shreveport-based Coordinating & Development Corporation.

According to its website, CDC is a private, nonprofit, member-supported corporation that serves the economic, community, workforce, transportation, and business development needs of 10 parishes in Northwest Louisiana, eleven counties in Northeast Texas, and five counties in Southwest Arkansas.

Backus said he could never support funding the agency because of the $175 thousand profit the agency made at the expense of Lincoln Parish taxpayers, when in the early 2000s the jury was negotiating to buy the old Albertson’s building for the Lincoln Parish Library.

Said Backus, “I can tell you where all this started, and why we dropped them (from funding). That company, CDC, took $175 thousand from Lincoln Parish residents in deceit, when they bought the library.”

The committee defeated Backus’ motion 3-2, with Backus and Henderson voting yes, and Russell, Wyatt, and Wilson voting no.

The committee went on to award CDC $3 thousand on a reverse 3-2 vote split.

However, when the committee report was later presented to the full jury, Backus moved to amend the report to exclude the CDC’s $3 thousand award. That amendment passed 6-5.

The yes votes were Backus, Roberson, Henderson, Bennett, Hammons, and Straughter. The no votes were Wyatt, Hunter, Pullen, Wilson, and Russell.

In other business, the jury approved two cooperative endeavor agreements with the City of Ruston.

One will authorize the jury to do site preparation work, fill and compacting, and access driveway construction for the city’s planned animal control facility. That work is expected to cost around $15 thousand, it was said.

The other is an agreement for the city and parish to jointly fund overlay of Rough Edge Road. Part of the road is in the city, for which the the jury will be reimbursed proportionately.

Finally, new Parish Treasurer reported on the jury’s year-to-date budget through the end of 9/30/17.

See here the document.

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  1. Donald Trumplager Says:

    Rudy Dutschke’s long march through the institutions continues apace.

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