Ruston Dentist Not Guilty of Insider Stock Trading

Ruston dentist acquitted of insider trading related to sale of Shaw Group in Baton Rouge

BY JOE GYAN JR. | Aug 10, 2017 – 4:15 pm

A Ruston dentist whose brother-in-law worked at the Shaw Group was acquitted Thursday on federal insider trader charges relating to the 2012 announcement that Shaw was being acquired by CB&I.

Jesse H. Roberts III was found not guilty on one count each of securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud. He did not testify in his own defense.

Federal prosecutors had alleged that Roberts reaped a $700,000 profit from confidential information allegedly provided by his brother-in-law, Scott David Zeringue.

Zeringue was vice president of construction operations for Shaw when he claims to have passed confidential information to Roberts in July 2012 about the impending sale of the Baton Rouge-based engineering and construction firm.

Roberts’ attorneys claim information about the planned sale of Shaw to Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. had been leaking out and that Roberts, an experienced trader, used information available to the public to invest in Shaw stock options and hit it big.

Roberts allegedly told another Ruston resident, Billy J. Adcox Jr., about the information he received from Zeringue. Adcox was indicted in 2015 and is awaiting trial, accused of turning a $37,000 profit from his alleged insider trading activities.


4 Responses to “Ruston Dentist Not Guilty of Insider Stock Trading”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Those men must not have been Democrats.

  2. Says:

    Initially, I was like is it really happening?
    It’s the 21st century. I presume all of us people after all.

  3. Says:

    Are you consistently working with this method? I have found this task alot more sophisticated compared to most other people in this
    particular current market.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Robert’s attorneys must have used his unlawful earnings to pay off the jury. Seriously, I went to highschool with Roberts and his character is pathetic. He’s a VERY arrogant, conceited jerk that is just the kind of person to commit a crime to reap a financial reward. I am dumfounded how the SEC dropped the ball on this one. It should have been a slam dunk!

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