Cooktown Road Development Hearing Set

A public hearing has been set for Monday, September 11 on an ordinance creating the Cooktown Road Economic Development District. That date is the regularly scheduled September meeting of Ruston’s Board of Aldermen.

The ordinance was introduced at last night’s council meeting.

There was a bit of public comment by Cooktown Road resident Robert Sauber, after a companion resolution to the ordinance was put on the table for discussion.

Sauber said the quality of life has been diminished in the neighborhood because of the increased business development and attendant traffic.

“Isn’t there somewhere else in Ruston they can develop, rather than just on Cooktown Road?”

Mayor Ronny Walker said that anytime the city has growth, there are traffic issues, but they try to improve traffic flow when that occurs. He added that there was other new development, notably on the east side of Ruston with the service road extension to Rough Edge Road.

“We try to address those as quickly as we can; that’s the reason we added that turn lane, (on Cooktown Road)” Walker said.

Sauber was an unsuccessful candidate for Mayor in 2010 against incumbent Dan Hollingsworth.

In other business, the council approved rezoning a 28 acre tract on South Barnett Springs Street to allow development of single-family houses on smaller lots. The lot size requirement was reduced from 25 thousand square feet (just over 1/2 acre) to 10 thousand (just under 1/4 acre).

Mayor Walker also announced that the Dixie Youth Baseball League World Series will be coming to Ruston in the summer of 2019. The new sports complex is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.

See here the announcement.


One Response to “Cooktown Road Development Hearing Set”

  1. Ashley Page Says:

    Why can’t the city plan properly and work on infrastructure before development? The mayor is an idiot.

    Ashley L. Page

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