Half Cent Sales Tax to Fund Cooktown Road Development District

Cooktown Road Economic Development District

Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker’s administration is proposing creation of an economic development district at the northwest corner of Cooktown Road (LA 544) and Woodward Avenue (1-20 North Service Road).

The matter was mentioned at the July meeting of the city’s Board of Aldermen.

Along with the district, an additional half-cent sales tax would be levied for the purpose of “financing economic development projects located within the district,” and “to pay the costs of infrastructure improvements outside the district that benefit property in the District.”

Presumably, the tax would be levied on purchases made at businesses that locate within the new district.

See here the proposed resolution and the proposed ordinance.

The two proposals will be considered at next Monday’s meeting of the council.

See here the agenda.

The meeting is set for 5:30, Monday, August 7, at Ruston City Hall, 401 North Trenton.


13 Responses to “Half Cent Sales Tax to Fund Cooktown Road Development District”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Before long We will not be able to afford to shop in Ruston. Tax and Spend at its best.

  2. Cowboy Says:

    Another example of do-gooder liberal activism run amok! How many times do we conservatives have to defend the free enterprise system before people get it? If, and this is a huge point, there was an economically viable private enterprise project available for location in this proposed area whose investors were willing to risk their own money upon, then there would be no need for government (read taxpayer, read your money) financing required! The investors would risk their own money upon their own project and the free enterprise system would work as it was intended by the Founding Fathers.

    Other than providing the standard infrastructure improvements such as road access, there is no need for government to ever invest taxpayer money in private enterprises. Did we learn nothing from the V Vehicle and Elio Motors scams! Did we learn nothing from Bobby Jindal and Stephan Moret wasting millions on the chicken processing plant in Farmerville only to see Louisiana chicken growers dumped for Arkansas chicken growers?

    The only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing, that will improve Louisiana’s economy is to stiff arm the trial lawyers and pass the toughest tort reform legislation in the country! Don’t believe me? Read on the Dead Pelican where Louisiana has the second highest car insurance rates in the country partly because it has become a sue happy state beholden to the trial lawyers! These soulless lawyers line their pockets while costing the rest of us jobs and forcing us to pay outrageously higher rates!

    Ronnie, please! Another economic development zone? Another chance to waste taxpayer money on a dream to expand Ruston so you can look good? Really? Common sense would tell you that any project needing taxpayer financing to get off the ground isn’t going to make it anyway. These “investors” promoting this con are taking you to the cleaners and you don’t even see it coming!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Maybe that can be Ruston’s own Vieux Carre, with 24h nightclubs and transgender strippers.

      • Mr. E Says:

        Right across from Temple Baptist Church in Bible Belt North Louisiana? I seriously doubt it. More like Ronny’s folly!

    • ScrunchyCitizen Says:

      Amen! Good posting! City of Ruston should provide necessary utility services and adequate road access to the property and that’s it. The project should be capable of starting and standing on its own, assuming it is viable in the first place, without taxpayers ponying up. If this site location is where I think, there will be a large expense to resolve naturally occurring ground water issues due to an active underground spring. THAT problem shouldn’t be the responsibility of taxpayers, no?

      • Anonymous Says:

        You should read up on what a TIF district is. It is a way for local governments to impose a sales tax in a limited and specific geographical area to enable them to pay for necessary infrastructure improvements.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Very well said! How fair is it to small business owners who have put all they had at risk to start a business? Who worked literally all day and well into the night, took no vacations, withstood economic slowdowns, rapid inflation, high interest rates on borrowed money and worked through many more perils to make their business a going concern without even the thought of other working people ( taxpayers) supporting in any way.
      Now, we are being expected, nay, forced to pay higher tax to contribute to a new economic district? No, that is not the function of government to take from us to give to those who don’t want to take the risks, or who may not even expect to launch a profitable business.
      For all I know, the intention of Mayor may be to enhance the value of someone’s property. That is surely not a function of government or taxpayers.
      NO more new taxes!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hey here is a novel idea for all you folks who are upset by this project. Since the 1/2 cent sales tax only applies to the 14 acres in the tif DONT GO SHOP THERE!!!!!

        The extra tax revenue from the 14 acre district will only be used to pay for the infrastructure improvements in and around the district. New lift station(sewers), road improvements and drainages.

  3. LPDOG Says:

    Someone started clearing this site, then stopped. We heard rumors of yet another motel being built there; then nothing.
    Lots of businesses are being built without a TIF, so what’s the problem?
    If you aren’t careful you end up hurting existing businesses with higher taxes, to “help” new businesses.
    I think government “economic development” is just politicians trying to show people what they are doing for them, and with their own money to boot. If there is a business opportunity, someone will recognize it and invest the money to give it a try. That’s REAl economic development.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I suspect there is a Marxist in the woodpile.

    • RavenMad Says:

      Oh joy, it’s refreshing to know about all the businesses we’ll eventually be supporting without ever stepping foot inside one. Wish I could choose to own stock, or the like, rather than pay the “government” to decide how it would be best spent, but what do I know.

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