Is Another Judge Needed in Lincoln/Union?

At yesterday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center Commission, there was a bit of discussion about how to move cases through the court system in a more timely way, so as to relieve overcrowding at the parish jail.

Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Attorney John Belton (who is also a member of the 5 person commission) said that a possible solution would be more court dates, or even the addition of a fourth judge to the district.

Said Belton, “If we had more court days, I think that would help.” He added, “Some of the numbers indicate we may need another judicial judgeship.”

Belton noted that adding another judge would be unlikely because of the state’s poor financial condition.

There was more discussion about pending plans to add about 100 more beds for the facility. The matter will be on the Lincoln Parish Police Jury’s August agenda, it was said.

Present plans call for the police jury to borrow the estimated $3 million to fund construction from a Rural Development Loan.

Presently, the jail houses 137 state prisoners, and this has resulted in no room for housing local inmates awaiting trial. The overflow local inmates are housed in other area jails that have available space.

The state pays the jail to keep the state prisoners, and that helps defray some of the jail’s operating costs.

To our knowledge, no one has done a study that estimates the operating cost of housing ONLY pretrial inmates and local prisoners, and no state prisoners.

Now, more than half the total jailed (137 of 241) are state inmates. If there were only about 100 local prisoners, food costs would be cut in half, at least, and the number of employees could be reduced significantly.

6 Responses to “Is Another Judge Needed in Lincoln/Union?”

  1. Lincolnwantstoknow Says:

    While talking about building more spaces for prisoners could anyone provide info on the purchase of building on 167 Haddux road by Lincoln Law Enforcement for $450,000? Who is Lincoln Law Enforcement? What ‘s the building used for,etc?

  2. biggs Says:

    Judges you have and the da you have are not moving cases now intentionally to create this need. Like the judges in ouachita more house they are away from their courtrooms shopping at Walmart and Sams and taking two hour lunches.

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  3. Anonymous Says:

    How about bail reform. Broke losers don’t go anywhere but Mom’s house.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    the building on haddux is for LPNET (Narcotics) to do their thing.

  5. Lincolnwantstoknow Says:

    The reasoning behind building the complex was to house all parish law enforcement in one building. Why the need for more buildings? Is the complex too small?

  6. Tax payers wants to know Says:

    Looks like LPNET gave $450,000 for a property on Haddox Road that was valued @ $252,466 in 2016. According to assessor’s site the same property is valued @ $85,018 for 2017 . A property next to the property in question (167 Haddox Rd) is valued @ $238,198 and it is larger lot and bigger building. Someone needs to explain to the public concerning what looks like a huge overpayment for a property by LPNET. Could Lincoln Parish News Online check this out?

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