Four Appointments Made to Jackson Parish Hospital Board

From the minutes of the Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ) meeting of Monday, July 17:

The president opened the floor for nominations for the appointment of an attorney that complied with the mandatory requirements of the board members as introduced for legislation by Senator Fannin.

Mr. Culpepper nominated attorney Chris Bowman.

Motion Mr. Culpepper seconded Ms. Monroe to appoint Chris Bowman to a full term on the Jackson Parish Hospital Board effective August 1, 2017 in accordance with Act 171 of the 2017 Regular Legislative Session. Motion carried.

Mr. Langston nominated Angela Curtis, Loan Officer of Barksdale Federal Credit Union to fill the required appointment of a bank owner or officer of a local bank. Ms. Magee asked the president if a Credit Union qualified as a bank. Mr. Langston stated that he had contacted Mr. Fannin, and was assured by the senator that the credit union met the requirements of the legislation.

Motion Mr. Treadway seconded Mr. Culpepper to appoint Angela Curtis to the Jackson Parish Hospital Board to a full term effective August 1, 2017 in accordance with Act 171. Motion carried.

Mr. Culpepper nominated Dr. Rebecca Crouch as the required practitioner for the hospital board.

Ms. Rowe nominated Heather Negrotto as the practitioner.

Voting for Dr. Rebecca Crouch were Mr. Treadway and Mr. Culpepper.
Voting for Ms. Heather Negrotto were Ms. Rowe, Ms. Monroe, Ms. Magee and Mr. Treadway.
Abstaining was Mr. McCarty.

Ms. Negrotto will assume membership effective August 1, 2017 for a full term on the hospital board as the required practitioner working at the Jackson Parish Hospital.

The president called for nominations for a member of management representing the pulp wood industries.

Mr. Treadway nominated Todd Pyles as the managerial member of the board. He stated that Mr. Pyles had been recommended by the West Rock Plant Manager for the vacancy.

Motion Mr. Culpepper seconded Ms. Monroe to table the appointment of the pulp wood industry member. Motion carried.

Motion Mr. Culpepper seconded Mr. McCarty to remove the appointment of the pulp wood industry from the table and consider nominations. Motion carried.

Mr. Treadway nominated Todd Pyles.
Ms. Magee nominated Cedric Garner.

Voting for Mr. Pyles: Mr. Treadway
Voting for Mr. Garner: Mr. Culpepper, Mr. Langston, Ms. Magee, Mr. McCarty and Ms. Monroe
Abstaining: Ms. Rowe

Mr. Garner will assume the appointment representing management of a pulp wood industry for a full term effective August 1, 2017.

This leaves the CPA/MBA member the only vacancy to fill prior to August 1.

16 Responses to “Four Appointments Made to Jackson Parish Hospital Board”

  1. Questioned Says:

    How can Heather Negrotto be on a board where she is on staff and her sister works at JPH also?

    • Pat Says:

      Because the practitioner must be employed at the hospital.

      • Questioned Says:

        So what your telling me is that Jim Fannin worded “his” bill to include practitioners that work at the same place where they are employed? Fannin does not even like nurse practitioners. I believe the bill was meant to have another provider.

  2. Oldman Says:

    Maybe just maybe we are on the way to having a real hospital for Jackson parish. It’s time.

    • Questioned Says:

      I think your right, all of the new board members really know how a hospital needs to be run!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    does Bowman even live in Jackson parish? If not he should not serve on a board

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Now let’s replace the Jury

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Rosalina Rouleau Says:

  7. Delcie Bowker Says:

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  8. Carolyne Polly Says:

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