Lincoln Jail, GNLCDC on Audit Noncompliance List

Two North Louisiana agencies that we have reported upon have turned up on the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Non-Compliance List – The Lincoln Parish Detention Center and the Greater North Louisiana Community Development Corporation.

The agencies apparently did not submit their annual audits in a timely fashion.

According to Louisiana’s Revised Statutes (RS 39:72.1), state funds can be withheld for as long as they remain on the list.

A. Notwithstanding any contrary provision of law, no funds appropriated in the general appropriations act, the capital outlay act, or other appropriation act, shall be released or provided to any recipient of an appropriation if, when, and for as long as, the recipient fails or refuses to comply with the provisions of R.S. 24:513.


One Response to “Lincoln Jail, GNLCDC on Audit Noncompliance List”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    come on Dr Herb… did you forget?

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