Jackson Parish Hospital Board Revamp Bill Signed by Gov

A bill that will revamp the makeup of the Board of Directors for the Jackson Parish Hospital in Jonesboro is now the law of the land.

Act 171 was signed into law last Monday by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, according to information posted on the Louisiana Legislature’s bill info website. The bill was authored by Senator Jim Fannin (District 35).

The seven member board will be cut to five members, and must be made up by area resident voters who possess the following qualifications:

Officer or owner of a bank located in Jackson Parish
Licensed attorney who is not an assistant DA
Licensed health practitioner employed by the hospital
Certified pubic accountant or master of business administration graduate who practices in Jackson Parish
Individual with managerial experience at the Hodge, LA paper mill

The appointments must be made by the Jackson Parish Police Jury in time for the new board members to be in place by August 1, 2017.

4 Responses to “Jackson Parish Hospital Board Revamp Bill Signed by Gov”

  1. tc7pct Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    yall be sure to thank ole Jim when we wind up losing JPH

    • Change is not always a bad thing Says:

      Who says that you will lose JPH? You will just have more qualified appointees with legimate business,legal and medical experience. Hopefully this will resolve some of the ethical issues that has plague the JPPJ as well as the JP Hospital board. Look at the JP Ambulance Service they broke away and are doing amazingly well.

  3. Fred Wust Jr Says:

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