LPPJ Meeting Details

It was towards the end of last night’s Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) meeting agenda that the Lincoln Hall lease buyout issue was discussed.

Jury Administrator Courtney Hall began by saying that Burton Enterprises’ Carl Burton had sent another letter with an offer to terminate his lease with the jury, and that the lease termination agreement was a response to that offer.

Said Hall, “I did talk to most of the jurors at the time that offer was made, and thought that I had received kind of the go ahead to prepare these documents and at least get something on the table to get voted on.”

Hall went on to say that the hall could be utilized by the North Louisiana Exhibition Center as a feasible venue for generating income for the center.

“This should not be considered a loan to be paid back, but the contribution of an underutilized asset that will provide a long-term source of additional income for the expo center,” he opined.

However, that latest offer from Burton has not been made public, nor has it been discussed in an open jury meeting. Additionally, the jury as a whole had never voted to authorize Hall to negotiate any settlement with Burton, nor draft any termination agreement.

In the discussion, juror Sharyon Mayfield said that all the monies generated shouldn’t all go the expo center, but that some should be used to “pay back” at least some of the purchase price.

Juror Skip Russell asked from what fund the $200 thousand would be taken, to which Treasurer Laura Hartt replied that it would come from money that would otherwise go into the Courthouse Capital Fund. That fund normally is used for upkeep of the courthouse building, and other parish-owned properties, or new building construction.

Lincoln Parish News Online readers will recall that was the fund that was often raided to pay for significant capital improvements at the Lincoln Parish Detention Center over the past several years.

Perhaps had that fund been left undisturbed and allowed to grow for a while, that new courthouse building so coveted by local judges and lawyers would actually be a possibility, rather than just a dream.

Jury President Randy Roberson reminded the jurors that proper procedures should be followed and that for discussion to continue, a motion and a second should first be made.

With that, juror Hazel Hunter made a motion to table, seconded by David Hammons. After a bit more discussion on some questions yet to be answered, it passed unanimously. Two jurors were absent, Jody Backus and Nancy Wilson.

One of the questions was the actual value of the lease, plus furniture and fixtures, and some legal issues.

In other business, Hartt reported that through the first five months of the year, budget revenues and expenditures were in line with original projections.

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  1. D'arbonne Says:

    Where was Jody?

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