Tarbutton Interchange Contract Let to Company with Local Roots

June 7, 2017

JB James Construction wins Interstate 20 Interchange Project – Jeff James to complete project originally built by father

BATON ROUGE, La. — JB James Construction, LLC, was recently awarded the Interstate 20 Interchange and Frontage Road project by the City of Ruston and Louisiana Department of Transportation. Located at Tarbutton Road on I-20, the two-year $25.5 million project consists of new on and off ramps, and replacement of the existing Tarbutton Road overpass bridge. The new exit will give access to the Ruston Junior High School, Louisiana Tech, as well as several large churches, restaurants and retail, which are located just off of I-20.

In addition providing work for JB James construction, this project also has a personal connection to Jeff James, the president and owner of JB James.

The section of I-20 between Ruston and Grambling and the existing Tarbutton overpass was built in 1959 by TL James and Company, the company started by James’ great grandfather. The project manager at that time was James’ father, Billy James. The president of the company was Bill James, James’ grandfather.

Nearly 35 years later, Jeff James was the project manager when the interstate was replaced by Denton Construction.

“This project means a lot to me,” Jeff James, President of JB James, said. “My father told stories to me about the original construction of the Interstate. It is special that the legacy of the TL James family continues today as we leave our mark by constructing such important projects for the community.”

With this project, James also plans to uphold the family tradition of building quality projects. The old bridge lasted 58 years, much longer than expected.

“The interstate pavement replaced in the early 1990s is some of the smoothest pavements in service at its age,” James said.

Approximately 30 JB James employees will work on the bridge and paving for the “Diamond” designed interchange. Other components of the project will be subcontracted to several other Louisiana companies. The company will also be hiring roughly 30 locals from the Ruston area.

In addition to this win, JB James is also celebrating its 15th anniversary in business. Over the past 15 years, JB James has grown from one employee to more than 200 employees across the state. To find out more about JB James, visit jbjamesllc.com.

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