LPPJ to Blow $200 Thousand Taxpayer Dollars on Lincoln Hall Lease

Despite no apparent legal obligation to do so, the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) is proposing to pay Burton Entertainment a cash termination payment of $200 thousand taxpayer dollars for the remainder of a lease on Lincoln Hall, a 4800 sq ft dining and entertainment facility located adjacent to the Lincoln Parish Exhibition Center off Farmerville Hwy.

See here the proposed agreement.

Rumors are that the jury plans to have exhibition center personnel operate the facility and retain any rental income generated, but we have seen no documentation of that plan, nor have we seen any projections on how much income the facility might bring in.

The building itself already belongs to the jury. Under the original agreement, Burton now is responsible for upkeep, utilities, insurance, and operation. He pays no rent to the jury for the land, and can keep all income earned from the facility. As the property is publicly owned, no property taxes are assessed.

See here the tax rolls.

As a further insult to taxpayers, it appears that if Burton reneges on the original 30 year lease agreement , the original lease is void, and Burton is owed nothing.

28. BREACH: Should the premises be vacated or abandoned by BURTON, POLICE JURY shall have the right, at its option, to cancel the Lease, or re-enter and let said premises on such terms as may be immediately obtainable. However, prior to doing so, POLICE JURY shall provide BURTON with written notice of any alleged breach in the terms and conditions of this lease granting unto BURTON a period of at least thirty (30) days to cure said breach or default.

That original lease agreement was signed March 11, 2002

See here the complete document.

Apparently, some of the jurors have never bothered to read the original lease agreement.

Burton has tried before to walk away from his obligations before. In 2014, he proposed that the jury pay him $250 thousand.

See here the letter.

Last month, the jury unanimously rejected an amendment to the parish’s liquor ordinance that would have allowed liquor to be served on premises. Burton claimed that in order to sub-lease the facility to another private operator, the new operator would have to allow liquor service in order to be profitable.

The jury meeting will be Tuesday, June 13, Lincoln Parish Court House, third floor.

Public Works Committee – 6:30 PM


Police Jury – 7:00 PM


One Response to “LPPJ to Blow $200 Thousand Taxpayer Dollars on Lincoln Hall Lease”

  1. Ruby Burton Says:

    Perhaps it’s a typo but Lincoln Hall is 60′ x 140′, a total of 8,400 sq ft. The banquet room alone is 4,800 sq ft. Just wanting to clarify.

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