Bill in LA Legislature to Change Jackson Hospital Board

A bill that would change the makeup of the Jackson Parish Hospital Board of Directors is working its way through the Louisiana Legislature this session.

Senate Bill 219, authored by Senator Jim Fannin (District 35), has passed the Louisiana Senate unanimously, and was favorably reported out of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Health and Welfare. It is currently pending final House passage.

The bill would reduce the number of board members from seven to five, and would require certain minimum qualifications to be a board member. The members would serve six year terms.

From the bill:

…who shall be qualified voters and residents of the parish and shall possess the following qualifications: one commission member who shall possess financial expertise as the officer or owner of a bank or group of banks in the parish, one commission member who shall possess legal expertise as a licensed attorney in good standing in the parish who shall not be employed by the district attorney’s office, one commission member who shall possess medical expertise and is a licensed practitioner at the hospital service district hospital in the parish, one commission member who shall possess business or accounting expertise and is a licensed certified public accountant or who holds a master’s degree in business administration and practices in the parish, and one commission member who shall have managerial expertise and is employed by a manufacturer located in the parish of products made from pulp wood or other fibrous substances with more than two hundred employees.

The appointments would be made by the Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ), and would take office August 1, 2017.

The present law pertaining to the makeup of the board specifies no minimum qualifications to serve.


23 Responses to “Bill in LA Legislature to Change Jackson Hospital Board”

  1. B JOHNS Says:

    How can this be constitutional? It excludes 99% of the parish voters.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    WHATS funny is no current serving police jurry member, nor Jim’s Fannin qualify under these rules to serve on he hospital board.hmmmm

  3. David Says:

    Looks like they already have the new board members in mind, just had to create a bill to make it official.

    • Anonymous Says:

      yep or a VERY FEW will meet these qualifications…and it will keep it in the hands of the same select few people for decades

  4. Toby Says:

    So why the change from what it is now?

  5. Jackson Parish Resident Says:

    Jackson Parish people do not agree with this! Shame on Jim Fannin!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How many African Americans will be qualified to serve on the board with these requirements. Or could that be the purpose of the bill.

  7. JP Resident Says:

    Sounds like they are trying to ensure that well educated people, representing varying aspects of business will be on the board.

  8. Yasmin Whiting Says:

    Nice response in return of this question with firm arguments and explaining all about that.|

  9. Oldman Says:

    Time for change,Jonesboro has been run by the uneducated long enough,we need somebody with some business sense and education. We don’t need somebody just because of their color or race,we need people with “smarts” who know what they are are doing.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Here’s some stone cold facts
      College degrees held by Jackson Parish Police Jury =1
      College degrees on current hospital board=11
      Where are the educated people needed again?
      I thinks it’s time to change some laws for police jury members
      Here’s an example no police jury president over the age of 90.
      Hell Jim Fannin has a animal husbandry degree; I don’t think he’s qualified for senator

  10. Anonymous2.0 Says:

    This sounds highly illegal. Thanks Walter for putting some sunshine on this deal. Since the police jury appoints the hospital board why can’t they appoint some persons with the needed qualifications as terms of present members expire? Assuming that board members are serving staggered terms per state statues. This parish does not have a lot of folks to chose from with those exact qualifications so it’s easy to guess who will be appointed. I suggest you trash this bill because I’m guessing ya’ll gonna cost the taxpayers a bundle in legal fees defending it. I don’t know who came up with this idea but Mr. Fannin must want to be a one term senator by introducing this bill.

    • Ken Says:

      Fannin introduced this bill to keep the morons on the Jury from appointing Kleptocrats to the hospital board. Not all members of the Jury need these standards, but…

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Sad the jurors need to know this will be your last term don’t buy any more new cars Sad you have no more backbone absolutely no leadership

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Sick that they say they are doing this for the people they are doing it only for the money Sad Sad Sad

  13. Anonymous Says:

    This bill as racist written all over it Wake up

  14. Oldman Says:

    Please tell me what’s racist about appointing someone who has a education,experience and is qualified. Leave someone’s race out of it. This might have been one of the problems the hospital has had in the past. Black or white,pick the best qualified.Q

  15. Fred Wust Jr Says:

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