Another Shooting in Ruston Today

Meanwhile, the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Ruston Police Department continue their intensive speed trap enforcement for all the dangerous lawbreakers traveling along Interstate 20. After all, revenue generation is a much higher priority than crime fighting.

RUSTON, La. (Press Release) – On Wednesday, at approximately 1:50 PM, the Ruston Police Department received an E911 call regarding a shooting in the 1500 block of Martin Luther King Avenue in Ruston.

Upon arrival in the area, officers from the Uniform Patrol Division located a male victim that was suffering from a gunshot wound. The Ruston Fire Department responded to the scene to render aid to the victim, who was later transferred to a Shreveport-area hospital for treatment. His condition is unknown at this time. Detectives began their follow-up investigation by conducting interviews and collecting evidence. The suspect is described as a light-skinned black male wearing a red shirt. He was armed with a handgun. This incident remains under active investigation by the Criminal Investigative Division of the Ruston Police Department.

If anyone has information regarding this or any other crime, they are requested to contact the Ruston Police Department’s Criminal Investigative Division at 318-255-4141 or Crimestoppers of Lincoln Parish. Crimestopper information can be given in several ways; either by calling 318-255-1111, text a tip to “TIP515 plus your message” to CRIMES (274637), or submit a tip online at But please keep in mind that crimes in progress should always be reported immediately to the appropriate law enforcement agency or by calling 911.

10 Responses to “Another Shooting in Ruston Today”

  1. anyone Says:

    what we need is more citizens involved in crime fighting do we have any takers for foot patrol on eastside?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Definition of speed trap
    : a stretch of road policed by often concealed officers or devices (such as radar) so as to catch speeders…

    so if you are driving and see the speed limit sign and still decide to speed how the hell is it a trap?

  3. Oldman Says:

    Just leave these people alone and they will soon kill themselves out. These young people are a gun culture and nothing will change until they are gone. Their parents were a gun culture also so you could say they were born to act and die that way. Bring back the death penalty and a week after conviction put them to death,will have a start in stopping all of this. While you are at it put the death penalty in place for dealing or financing in drugs,but I’m afraid the big money people would try to stop this. You would be surprised to know where this money is ending up. If you carry out the death penalty at a local public place where everybody can and should attend,then that would be start in doing away with this. One thing about this the drug and gun culture would soon die off,no repeat offenders.

  4. 3M man Says:

    Maybe the swift prosecution of any violent offender and a long prison sentence would help deter these shootings.

  5. Listen up people Says:

    Let’s talk about the reason why we have this culture, how government entities have planned purposely to conquer and divide the eastside to keep the people oppressed. Let’s talk about who is really in control of the gun and drug culture its definitely not the blacks in the eastside, they don’t have the resources or the finances, they are just ponds in this corrupt system. Once we get to the bottom of this, and stop giving the ones who corrupt our communities with the drugs and guns, and almighty power over this tragic situation slap on the wrists because of their socioeconomic status. Let’s talk about helping the ones who live there take their community back to end this corruption. Lets talk about really being involved in the community and helping the people conquer the powers that be. We do not need another Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman situation, where people are walking the streets trying to do the police officers job. Also Oldman what you said is very sickening and sad, your suggestions remind of the public hangings that were done to blacks during slavery and post-slavery days. I pray that the people who read my posts read with an open mind and heart. Amen

  6. Prez Says:

    Socialist, communist and far left Lib’s talks about white privilege but no one talks about the black and people of color privileges, A few examples come to mine. Free cell phones,food, healthcare, dental care, low or no cost housing and energy assistance to name a few. Go to any state or federal agency in the southern states, you will find the majority of employees are colored. How did they get there? By the privilege that the socialist in government gave them! Far left,socialist, and communist accuse others of the same things that they do to divide and conquer, that’s their MO. People of color, blacks, wanted to desegregate, in the 50’s, they got their wish. Now the colored school kids want their “safe areas” free of whites. Being a man considerable age it appears to me that the young colored and white socialist want to tare the USA apart by any means necessary. When the citizens, both colored and whites, realize that socialism and communism is a failed system things will change. Question for all, Where would you be today if slavery, in USA, had not happen?

  7. Oldman Says:

    Africa would be a hell hole if it hadn’t been for slavery. Slavery as bad as it was got those people out and to a better life. Taking those statues down is a way to say the civil war never happened. My family fought in the civil war and had slaves,after the war the slaves stayed with my great grandmother even thou they could have left at any time. What does that tell you? They were not mistreated.

    • David Says:

      Right!! Because we know there were a plethora of opportunities for newly freed slaves who had no money. And the saddest thing is you are serious.

  8. Oldman Says:

    Money will never make you want to work and make something out of your selve. You have got to want to find that opportunity. You can sell,use dope,wear your britches below your ass,quit school,steal,rob,murder and draw gov intitlements, but you will all ways be a sorry person. We do not owe the blacks one thing,not money,not a job,nothing. We owe them an education,they owe themselves the will and want to make a go of it. To many black family’s are without daddy’s help,this has got to change. The talk of blacks being lynched back in the day,guess what gov party was doing this,the democrat party did this to keep them in control. The dimocrat party is doing the same today with gov intitlements,keeping them in control for their vote. This has to change.

  9. internet marketplace Says:

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    Another Shooting in Ruston Today | Lincoln Parish News Online

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