Julie Stokes Voted to Double Your Gas Tax & Also Wants to be State Treasurer

By a one vote margin, the 17 cent gas tax hike was voted out of the Louisiana House Ways & Means Committee this afternoon. Had it been defeated in committee, likely it would have been dead for the session.

Four Republican State Representatives Just Voted To Double Your Gas Tax Today

One of those four GOP votes was Julie Stokes, from Kenner.

She also wants to take John Kennedy’s place as State Treasurer. Here’s her Facebook page.

Julie Stokes for State Treasurer


2 Responses to “Julie Stokes Voted to Double Your Gas Tax & Also Wants to be State Treasurer”

  1. D J Allen Says:

    If the State increased gas/fuel taxes to repair our current under maintained roads and bridges I would support it but to pass taxes to build new roads and bridges to add additional miles of road to the unfunded maintenance burden we are not addressing now would be ludicrous.

    Would you add an addition to your house if your roof leaked, termites were swarming around the foundation and paint was pealing off the walls???

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Taxation is not anywhere near its limits, not as long as one penny and any private property remains in private hands. What remains in private hands is just an untapped resource and the result of loopholes in the tax code. — Edwards

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