Taxed Enough Already (TEA)

Poll finds Louisiana voters do not want their taxes increased – Friday, May 12, 2017

Raising taxes is not popular among Louisiana voters, according to a survey from Southern Media and Opinion Research.

Lawmakers have proposed increasing taxes on everything from a pack of cigarettes to a gallon of gasoline to close a looming budget hole. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says two-thirds of voters say they do not want their legislator to raise the state’s gas tax.

“Increasing taxes on gasoline in this survey is very unpopular with only 29 percent wanting their state legislator to vote for a bill that would initially raise gasoline taxes by 17 percent,” Pinsonat said.

In this fiscal session, lawmakers had to resolve a $440 million budget shortfall for the next fiscal year, and deal with an imminent $1.3 billion fiscal cliff in 2018. Pinsonat says according to his survey, the public thinks the state has more than enough money.

“Fifty-four percent think the state government’s problems are primarily caused by too much spending, and only 26 percent believe the state government’s problems are caused by not having enough revenue,” Pinsonat said.

Pinsonat says while voters don’t want to see their own taxes go up, they also oppose an increase in business taxes. The survey finds 18 percent of respondents believe taxes on business are absorbed by profits, but 67 percent say the tax is passed on to the customers.

“They realize that when you tax a business, the taxes are going to end up being paid by them. So they’re almost as opposed to taxing business as paying more income tax. There’s really not much difference,” Pinsonat said.


3 Responses to “Taxed Enough Already (TEA)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Note to our legislators: It’s your spending “STUPID” !!!

  2. Cowboy Says:

    All one has to do to see the frustration of voters to increased taxes is to look to California where residents are steaming mad over the recent tax hikes to gasoline to fund infrastructure repairs passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature. These taxes will not fund new infrastructure in overwhelmingly congested California, but are intended only for repair despite California having the highest gas taxes in the country. Californians are rebelling against this tax hike like they did in 1976 with the Howard Jarvis Proposition 13 movement that led to a cap on California property taxes.

    Americans are sick to death of politicians siphoning off transportation funds meant for infrastructure repair while allowing our roads and bridges to fall into disrepair then having the nerve to demand additional taxes to fund the repairs that aren’t being funded by the present taxes! Once again, California politicians assure the voters that this time will be different and the money will be dedicated to road repair, but we’ve all heard that familiar lie before, especially here in Louisiana!

    The only way, and I mean the ONLY way, to effectively end this political chicanery is to STOP VOTING FOR NEW TAXES! PERIOD! These corrupt politicians must be taught that voters will no longer tolerate their behavior by increasing taxes to pay for the things that present taxes should be funding but are instead being wasted elsewhere in the budget. Louisiana seems to have a perpetual budget hole every year that politicians constantly scream are going to sink the state unless we voters agree to a tax increase. This is all pure bullschitt! Every level of government is forced to adopt an annual budget and should be forced to live within that budget! Only when we voters begin holding the politicians accountable will change be effected.

    President Trump advised his Cabinet to cut their respective budgets by some 20% instead of thinking about budget increases. This is a huge shift in government thinking that politicians would never consider as a possibility! Only an outsider like President Trump who thinks outside the box would consider such an audacious plan! Imagine how much better our government in Louisiana could be if we dumped these corrupt career politicians and elected ethical business leaders skilled in the art of developing budgets and sticking to them! We might get Texas-style tort reform to muzzle the lawyers and interest businesses in investing in this state to increase job prospects so our kids don’t have to move to Dallas upon graduating from our universities! Imagine being able to see your grandkids because your kids still live in the state!

    To do this, we have to stop believing the lies of the Democrats and their regressive coalitions erasing our history with the removal of Confederate monuments designed to shame us as Southerners so we are more susceptible to their brainwashing. Notice that it is the Democrats like Mitch Landrieu who are erasing our history and being intolerant to dissent! Mitch can’t help his sister anymore, so he’s helping the regressives all he can while he can. And, don’t make the mistake of thinking that removing Confederate monuments will appease these regressives. They are bent on erasing ALL of American history. The leader of the anti-monument group in New Orleans has already publicly stated that they intend to go after monuments to Washington and Jefferson next. The left will not be content until they erase all American history to shame Americans into accepting their lies as truth.

    This is a big culture war, and it’s being fought on multiple fronts. It’s tax increases,wasteful spending, monument removal, fake news, censorship, Soros-funded astroturf groups, violence against conservatives, suppression of Christianity, promotion of Islam in schools, open borders, collectivism, and a whole host of other things, many of which are being played out right here in our own state!

    Now, think about all that!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    “…politicians siphoning off transportation funds meant for infrastructure repair while allowing our roads and bridges to fall into disrepair then having the nerve to demand additional taxes…”

    Nailed it!

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