LPSB Retireds to have Medicare as Primary Insurance

Retired employees of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) who qualify will be covered by Medicare as their primary insurance vehicle, rather than the district’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield group insurance program, if a plan discussed at last night’s board meeting is adopted.

Qualified individuals are those LPSB employees who have had sufficient civilian employment (40 quarters) that paid into Social Security/Medicare, and are 65 years or older.

Business Manager George Murphy said that continuing losses in the district’s self-funded plan made the changes necessary.

Said Murphy, “We actually had a meeting today with David Charpentier about carving out a portion for retirees and setting that as a separate plan. The plan right now is to meet with retirees and get their feedback and see if their amenable to it.”

He added, “There’s a plan that Humana has where the federal government through Medicare picks up a higher percentage of the cost of the plan.”

Another change coming is a wellness check for active employees, Murphy said.

“Starting on July the First, through July the First through June the Thirtieth of next year, every active employee, and their spouse if they have one, HAS TO HAVE a wellness check,” he said.

Murphy also reported on tax collections for the month of April.

See here the report.

Prior to the full board meeting, the Executive Committee met and revisited Superintendent Mike Milstead’s contract extension and pay raise, erroneously enacted at the March board meeting.

The committee unanimously voted for the extension and raise, and the full board ratified their recommendation.

Asked by a reporter from the Ruston Daily Leader what was the “procedural error” made at the March meeting, Chair Lynda Henderson said, “We were supposed to have a public meeting, and it won’t happen again. It was a mistake.”

Board President Joe Mitcham distributed a comparison of the base salaries of other area school superintendents.

Finally, the board adopted tax millages for 2017. The rates are the same as 2016, with the exception of a Choudrant District 20 mil tax reduced to 18 mils, and a Simsboro District 7.75 millage cut to 7.25.

See here the memo.


14 Responses to “LPSB Retireds to have Medicare as Primary Insurance”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    When you compare those superintendent district salaries to classroom teachers and principals, they are nauseating.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yep! We see what they think of the teachers! Teachers were very much opposed to the salary increase and extension of his contract and many of his (and the boards) policies. They even voiced their concerns to board members. Those concerns fell on deaf ears. Their requests for our vote will fall on our deaf ears when it’s time for them to be reelected. A happy worker is a productive worker. Teachers are NOT happy. You must take care of your people and show them that they are appreciated and valued. LPSB and Mike Milstead does neither! Milstead’s salary as superintendent is on top of what he is getting from his retirement as a principal. He is a retirement check and a regular salary. The man is making a fortune, and there are teachers having to work two and three jobs to make ends meet! Enjoy those A’s that some schools have! And give up on having an A district! As more and more teachers leave and as teacher moral continues to decline, the days of being one of the best parishes for education are behind us! Teacher moral is beyond repair at this point!

    • D'arbonne Says:

      It’s “morale”. Hope you aren’t teaching English.

      • D Says:

        Wow, you people with your proper English BS…It’s a comment section, not an spelling, punctuation or grammar test. Lighten up, take your Zanex..

        • Anonymous Says:

          It’s Xanax.

        • D'arbonne Says:

          Nope. Sorry, but a poster inferring from their comments a profession in education who doesn’t know the difference between ‘moral’ and ‘morale’ is going to get mocked. Righteously. Every time.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If not mistaken, I thought that Medicare was federally mandated as the primary insurer for ANYONE 65 and older….and not just qualified school board retirees….this article makes it sound like the school board has a special deal worked out.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Insurance with LPSB for retiring teachers has been a Package Deal to recruit and keep good teachers for many years. I understand the high cost of Health Care but I do not understand the deceit or misrepresenting the facts.
    George Murphy and Mr. Milstead visited all the schools when promoting sale tax renewal and told teachers that Insurance for retired teachers would be in danger if taxes was not renewed. Well, sale tax was renewed and insurance for retired teachers is on the way to the chopping block. Any insurance added for retired teacher should be discussed by all retired teachers not a hand-picked few!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It is sickening that the superintendents make so much money. This is that “good ole boy” system at work. One day the people are going to have to wake up and demand an end to the gold plated contracts these local government officials have created for themselves. The pay is usually just the start, they usually have an extremely sweet retirement package setup, plus their medical plan is often top of the line. it is sickening to see how they keep fleecing the local populace, especially when the average income level is so low in North Louisiana.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I agree! It would be very interesting to see income, benefits and medical plans for School Board, Principals, and Administration. The public is kept in the dark on many closed door deals!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Every bit of the information you are wanting to see is in the annual audit report. Page 160 exhibit 43 show that the School Board is payed $600.00 per month, the President gets $700.00 per month. There is no retirement or medical insurance for board members. So how many of you would like would like to be on call 24/7 365 for $700/month. Please remember that VERY FEW of the calls you get are to tell you how great things are going. The majority of the folks who are serving the School Board, Police Jury, City Council or Boards of Alderman are doing it out of a sense of service for their community. Not all but most. Also during the last School Board election cycle at least 3 of the members were ready to retire but had to be convinced to run again because nobody else was even interested.

        If you think the School Board superintendent makes to much money goggle what a CEO who manages a company with a 75-80 million dollar annual budget gets paid. The problem is the majority of the folks around just aren’t that interested anymore”let somebody else do it”. Don’t believe me why did only 7% of the folks show up and vote last month. Last Presidential election the turnout % was only in the 40’s and that’s of the roughly 50% of the eligible adults who bother to register to vote. If you really want to change things energize the eligible adults in your inner circle to first go register to vote then make them show up at the polls. Until you do that QUIT COMPLAINING because you are getting out of it what you put into it. Voting is not just a right it is an OBILGATION for all good societies.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Only 7% showed up to vote because that was the plan. The plan of the school board was to threaten teachers in faculty mtgs and then pray for a low voter turnout. The school bd and milstead wanted only teachers voting because they would have to vote yes because they had been threatened. Threatening people with repercussions if they don’t vote a certain way is against the law by the way. Trust me when I tell you that this school board has lost the trust and respect of the teachers. It doesn’t matter how many meetings Milstead has with teachers at all of the schools, the damage is done. His concern for teachers and their concerns is fake. He is trying to save face because he knows this entire thing has blown up in his face. The teachers don’t believe a word he has told him in these meetings, including why he “HAD” to take the raise. At this point it doesn’t matter what his message is……it will not be believed by the teachers. When a coach loses the respect and the trust of his players, he gets fired. WELL….. Milstead and his very large ego has lost the respect and trust of his players (teachers). It’s time for him to go. Teachers are leaving LP in droves because they have had enough! If something is not done about teacher trust and morale, the school board may have to start serving as teachers, because the day is coming when there will not be any of us left. New teachers aren’t exactly knocking the doors down to work in LP!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    LP teacher Ms need to be remember that a plan is in the works to move cost of insurance to teachers to keep thing solvent. Of course, plans are also in the works for new School aboard building!

  8. non teaching jobs in education in California Says:

    non teaching jobs in education in California

    LPSB Retireds to have Medicare as Primary Insurance | Lincoln Parish News Online

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