Wheels Come off Bel Edwards’ Tax Train

Gov. John Bel Edwards’ proposed controversial business tax dies before House committee

BY TYLER BRIDGES | tbridges@theadvocate.com

The centerpiece of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ tax package – a proposed tax on corporate sales known as the commercial activity tax – died before the House Ways and Means Committee Tuesday afternoon.

State Rep. Sam Jones, the bill’s sponsor, knowing it would be killed, asked the committee to voluntarily defer the bill. That effectively means it’s dead for the legislative session.

Jones’ move prevented him and Edwards from suffering an embarrassing vote and forcing Democratic members of the committee from voting for an unpopular measure that had no chance.


2 Responses to “Wheels Come off Bel Edwards’ Tax Train”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “Wheels Come off Bel Edwards’ Tax Train”

    It could not have happened to a better fellow! Heh!


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