Sumlin Trial Put Off Until October

Trial for former State Representative William Sumlin was rescheduled for 9:00 AM, Monday, October 30. It had been set for next week.

The action came yesterday afternoon at Division B Judge Tommy Rogers’ Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Court in Ruston.

Yesterday’s hearing was on a motion to strike by the defense, but that too was reset for 1:30 PM, July 18.

Sumlin was charged in October, 2015 with indecent behavior with a juvenile, and a Lincoln Parish Grand Jury returned an indictment in December, 2015.

Representing Sumlin was Lavalle Salomon, and representing the State was Chief Felony Prosecutor Lewis Jones.


6 Responses to “Sumlin Trial Put Off Until October”

  1. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    On a similar note, former RJHS teacher and coach, John Stutzman, will be going to trial in October. To refresh your memory, Stutzman is charged with seven counts of distributing child pornography on 29 May 2015. Yes, that’s two years during which Stutzman has been free to go about his daily routine.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Belton may need to get a new chief felony prosecutor or ask the Attorney General to prosecute his cases involving children victims.

  3. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Question for the owner of this site…has Belton actually taken ANYONE to trial since assuming office or has everything been plead?

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      Cameron Mays was tried, but the prosecution was handled by the AG’s office. Beyond that one, I do not know.

  4. Jethro Says:

    The Sumlin case is as old as dirt. One delay after another, legal manipulations allowed to go on and on. As if they never really had a solid case in the first place or they simply refuse to punish the guy. Are they hoping the victim will become weary and agree to drop the charges? We don’t have a Justice system in this country, but we do have a Legal system. Big difference!

  5. BigO Says:

    Sumlin has a lot of dirt on a lot of people in high places, go figure!

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