LPPJ Administrator Issue Goes Away

A move by District Ten Juror Nancy Wilson to dismiss Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) Administrator Courtney Hall at last night’s meeting went nowhere when her motion got no second.

With no second, there was no opportunity for discussion or debate.

In Monday’s Ruston Daily Leader, Wilson promised she would explain her motives during the meeting.

A Comment

Having covered the Lincoln Parish Police Jury for almost eight years, we have gotten to know Courtney Hall quite well, from a public business standpoint.

During that time, he has never been anything but a professional in his dealings. He’s been responsive to questions and public records requests, and we think he’s a credit to Lincoln Parish and the jury.

And it’s not a very easy job. Think about it – he’s got twelve bosses…


14 Responses to “LPPJ Administrator Issue Goes Away”

  1. Sheila Bordelon Says:

    So what was the motive to remove the PJ Administrator?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Probably, got her panties in a wad because he didn’t bow to some petty request or demand she made. Go figure, her desire to be the puppet master.

      • Sheila Bordelon Says:

        Just asking for facts, not speculation.

        • Nancy Wilson Says:

          Hi Sheila, THANK YOU for wanting the facts and not speculation! I will be posting my information, a statement that I had prepared about last night’s meeting, on social media. The motion died, because no one second that motion(for those that don’t understand). I was unable to present the steps that lead me to this decision. The president wanted me to ONLY make a motion for the DISMISSAL OF THE LINCOLN PARISH POLICE JURY ADMINISTRATOR
          Nancy Wilson

          • Sheila Bordelon Says:

            Ms. Wilson, please post a link so we can all have access to the facts.

          • Bob Sherunkel Says:

            And just what did you hope to glean from the requested information, Ms. Wilson?
            Was there perhaps an ulterior motive to you query? One that perhaps you wished to gain some political “brownie points?”

    • Nancy Wilson Says:

      Anonymous, I expected open criticism, about last night’s meeting, due to the lack of knowledge of the facts! If you are familiar with the PUBLIC RECORDS LAW/OPEN MEETINGS LAW, your JUDGEMENT of me would be different than you saying “my panties being in a wad!” Puppet master, NO! Just TRYING to represent MY CONSTITUENTS with the proper information and the information to be given to me in a timely manner! Nancy Wilson

  2. Sims Says:

    Sheila, if everyone knew the facts you would not be in your position.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t see how employee pay records have anything to do with your district and what you do for them.

    • Anonymous Says:

      More importantly ask her WHO she shared those records with and what THEY did with them?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    As a private citizen, my dealings with Mr. Hall were not satisfactory where a public safety issue was involved. It was finally dealt with and taken care of, but the process took over a year. And getting it taken care of took a lot of effort, unfortunately. Anytime during that year a catastrophe could have happened (someone hurt or killed), and I even told Mr. Hall that. I was just given a lame excuse of a reason why it hadn’t been taken care of yet. And that excuse didn’t even pan out, which is why it was taken care of in a hurry when some feathers got ruffled. The whole situation was very unfortunate.

  5. BigO Says:

    Public Safety covers a lot. What are you talking about?

  6. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    So we have a sitting PJ Member and the third highest elected official in our parish discussing Jury matters on the equivalent of social media.

    Welcome to grade school student council

  7. d'arbonne Says:

    I’m with you Bob. Elected officials and PJ members hashing out what amounts to personnel matters in an open social media forum is just plain silly.

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