All You Need to Know About the Detention Center

Five years ago, the entire budget for the Lincoln Parish Detention Center was $2.1 million, when LaSalle Southwest operated the facility. For 2017, the payroll alone is more than that figure. The jail is now operated by Sheriff Mike Stone.

Your tax dollars at work.


13 Responses to “All You Need to Know About the Detention Center”

  1. Jackson ll Says:

    Can you break down salaries?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Seemingly more important, cost per inmate.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yes but notice that La Salle only took money out of the system. They did nothing for building repairs or improvements.
    When you have a building that is over 30 years old , you wiil need numerous repairs.When the sheriff took over there was not even a fence all the way around the property. Since the sheriff has taken over, the jail is run much more like one should be and not just a a money source for a private company.

  4. Jackson ll Says:

    Not looking for excuses. Police jury did hold not Lasalle to contract leaving bill for tax payers. Break down of salaries please..

  5. Anonymous Says:

    “Didn’t have a fence all the way around the property”- really? If that is the case, the sheriff was operating it without a fence when Lasalle took it over because didn’t LaSalle take it over from the sheriff to begin with? Secondly, LaSalle’s whole budget was less than current SALARIES- just the salaries! How can you expect LaSalle to invest it the building and infrastructure when you want them to run it as cheaply as possible??? Recently, the Sheriff declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY and didn’t even go through the bid process to build that enormous and useless fence out there. They have been finished with it for a year or more, and It isn’t any safer than before. Look at the gates the next time you drive by. Why isn’t the fence and gates all up to the same height/standard? It is a complete waste of money. We have had to raise taxes just to pay for the spending spree out there. Enough is enough, the government needs to be more accountable to the people they claim to represent.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Also, there have been more prisoner escapes since they built that big nice fence… a lot of good it’s doing!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Wrong the escape occurred before the fence was built hence the emergency action to build the fence. Second escapes took place after the sheriff took over running the detention center which left him with egg on his face.

    • Anonymous Says:

      There was not a complete fence around the entire property. There was 300-400 feet of open space in the back that never had a fence, also the front gate didn’t close and had been unable to close for more than 5 years because it was never fixed. You saying that we have raised taxes to pay for the detention center is also incorrect. The detention center still operates on the same 1/4 cent sales tax that past in 1981 when it was constructed and the revenue from the Dept. of Corections for housing State inmates. Remember the D.C. was originally designed to hold only about 80 PRE-TRIAL detainees. There are currently 243 inmates at the D.C. 150 of which are Dept. of Corections inmates and we the taxpayers are sending $25,000/month to Ouachita Parish to house about 40 pre-trial detainees every month. The truth is “which I doubt you can handle” the sales tax produces about $165,000/month which is not enough to pay for the daily avg of a 153 pre-trial inmates the parish has. Remember you can not make pre-trials do anything so they just sit out there and wait for their trial at a cost of about $25/day if they can not make bail. Also since you lack a little history let me enlighten you. The D.C. Is owned by the Police Jury and run by the D.C. Commission which is comprised of two jury member, the Ruston Cheif of Police, the District Attorney and the Sheriff. Originally the commission hired Chuck James to be the Warden then LaSalle and now the commission contracts with the sheriff. The avg pretrial spends about 120 days in the D.C. before their trial is handled and that is the problem and plays a key role as to why the D.C. Is a black hole into which we continue to pour money.

      • Anonymous Says:

        How many of the daily average of 153 could be RORed but are not because of the DA’s intransigence?

  6. frosty Says:

    Judges need to get off their ass. They are paid a salary which means they are on call 24/7. In private business if you have a back load you work to you catch up.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Like most government jobs, it’s a “job for friends, family and political supporters” type deal. Very few public officials in management positions care about the taxpayers money. They often use it a slush fund to buy friends and supporters. In reality I’d bet government could be cut in half if people were honest.

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