Ruston Audit Shows Books in Order

Ruston CPA Douglas Brewer told last night’s meeting of the Ruston City Council that the 10/1/15-9/30/16 fiscal year audit was “unmodified” and there were no findings.

“The city received an unmodified opinion, and there were no compliance or internal control findings to be reported this year,” said Brewer. “We want to thank (City Clerk) Emmett Gibbs and Treasurer’s Department for a fine job this year,” he added.

The complete report should be available on the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s website within the next week or two.

In other business, the council approved an ordinance to issue $34 million in bonds for infrastructure improvements in the I-20 Improvement District. The bonds will be placed locally with Regions Bank.

On the matter of the 11 acres at the old city airport, City Attorney Bill Carter told Lincoln Parish News Online that the property appraised for about $90 thousand, and will be sold to Correct Commissary for half that price.

In exchange, Correct guarantees that it will create 20 permanent and 10 temporary new jobs over the next 3 years. Should Correct not follow through, the agreement will have a “clawback provision” to repay the city.

Correct will build a warehouse that will be used to house items used in LaSalle Correction’s prisons.

Finally, an ordinance was approved to annex about 83 acres into the city located between Beacon Light Road and the KCS Railway tracks, just east of Beacon Light’s intersection with McDonald Avenue. The property will be zoned for industrial use.

See here the proposed ordinance and property plat.


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