Some Ruston Misdemeanors Will no Longer Require Bail

Some violators of City of Ruston misdemeanor ordinances will no longer be required to post a bond, and will instead be released on recognizance (ROR), which only requires a signature by the accused offender as a promise to appear at a court date. Among the offenses that may still require a cash bond are: assault, battery, DWI, resisting arrest, and flight from an officer.

The new policy was spelled out in an order by Ruston City Court Judge Danny Tatum.

Previously, there was a preset bond schedule for offenses.

See here the order.

Third Judicial District Court judges are said to be contemplating a similar order for that jurisdiction.

The action came as a result of a federal lawsuit in Bossier Parish that challenged the practice of preset bonds for minor crimes. The plaintiffs alleged that indigents charged with crimes often served jail time awaiting trial because they couldn’t afford bail, nor could they afford the $40 fee for an indigent attorney.

The new policy could result in a reduction of inmate population at the Lincoln Parish Detention Center, and negate the need to expand the jail’s capacity.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone is currently lobbying the Lincoln Parish Police Jury to “co-sign” for a $2.5 million construction project to add nearly 100 new cells at the jail.

Stone’s plan is also threatened by reductions in state funding for housing state prisoners, a major source of revenue for the local jail.

According to a 3/10/17 New Orleans Times Picayune news story, the daily rate which the state reimburses may be cut from $24.39 to $10.25.

9 Responses to “Some Ruston Misdemeanors Will no Longer Require Bail”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Turn the crooks loose seems to be the dimocrat way,make it easy for them to live a life of crime.

    • Anonymous Says:

      How much more tax money are you planning to spend to build more prisons. When and where do we draw the line at building more prisons? When and where do we draw the line at more taxes to buld?

  2. vee Says:

    Where do we draw the line on every new tax. People’s pocketbooks are running on empty, now.

  3. Mr. E Says:

    Folks, we’re talking about misdemeanors here. You want to talk about poor people getting the shaft from the system? Then start looking at how poor people are penalized by having to post bail for misdemeanor offenses! These poor people lose their jobs and have their lives ruined for being arrested for misdemeanor offenses that wouldn’t nearly so affect middle class citizens who can better afford bail.

    REMEMBER THIS – arrest for violation of the law is NOT the same thing as guilt! In America, we are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. It is tremendously unfair to ruin someone’s life over the charge of an offense because that person is unable to afford bail or the cost of an attorney. And, ruin is exactly what poor people face when charged with a crime – especially a misdemeanor. Yes, conviction of a crime should involve punishment and suffering on the part of the criminal, but no one deserves to be punished UNTIL THEY ARE CONVICTED.

    America is currently suffering from hard economic times brought on by the failed policies of the Obama administration, and there are plenty of Americans suffering as a result. The burden imposed on poor people (and many middle class people) by forcing them to post bail for misdemeanor offenses is in many cases the straw that breaks the camels back in their world. We’re not talking about flight risks or felony offenses here, but relatively minor infractions of the law that remain for the proper consideration of courts at a time of their convenience.

    Also remember that middle class people suffer when arrested for relatively minor offenses and many in the middle class are just one paycheck away from being one of those poor people currently suffering under this unfair system!

  4. Oldman Says:

    It’s what you call “catch and release”

    • Anonymous Says:

      How about we don’t jail anybody until they are convicted. You know, the American way.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    ruston must be copying after California

  6. Anonymous Says:

    FYI, the traffic tickets written by Ruston Police Officers cost approximately the same as paying a bail bondsman (average cost is $203) for a misdemeanor crime. The sole purpose of this “Safe Driver Initiative” is to generate revenue. Can we stop this too….please.

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