Lake Charles Federal Judge Mentally Unfit?

Court date set: Press seeks unsealing of Minaldi record

By Marilyn Monroe / American Press / Lake Charles, LA

A motion was filed Wednesday by the American Press to unseal the judicial record of a case seeking the interdiction of U.S. District Court Judge Patricia Minaldi.

The suit, which would deem Minaldi mentally incapacitated and restrain her from managing her own estate or financial affairs without the consent of a curator, was filed in state district court March 16. The proceedings were then ordered sealed.

Kathleen Kay, who works under Minaldi as U.S. magistrate judge for the Western District of Louisiana, is named as a plaintiff, according to Calcasieu Clerk of Court records. Local attorney Glen Vamvoras is listed as temporary curator.

The suit comes just over two months after Tony Moore, Western District of Louisiana Clerk of Court, told the American Press that Minaldi was on a “medical leave of absence” and would be absent from the bench for the foreseeable future.

Minaldi had previously removed herself — with no reasons given — from more than two dozen cases since a trial she presided over in December ended abruptly.

In Wednesday’s filing, attorney Rick Norman, on behalf of the American Press, asked the court to unseal the entire court record or redact it “to the minimum extent necessary” to balance “the rights of the public and those of Judge Minaldi.”

Judge Ron Ware has scheduled a hearing on the motion for 10 a.m. April 18.

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    Lake Charles Federal Judge Mentally Unfit? | Lincoln Parish News Online

    […]Bob Ezrin decided to reinterpret it as a suicide notice.[…]

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