Edmonson’s Golden Parachute

Edmonson files for over $128K in retirement benefits

Written by: Tom Wright, Investigative Producer
Contributor: Lee Zurik, Chief Investigative Reporter

New Orleans (WVUE) The former head of Louisiana State Police will draw more than $128,000 a year in retirement benefits, according to a statement from the State Police Retirement System.

LSP Col. Mike Edmonson filed paperwork to begin receiving that income, following his retirement announcement on March 15. That retirement followed a Lee Zurik investigation into revelations about travel expenses incurred when Edmonson invited several other LSP employees to a police conference and award ceremony in San Diego late last year. The total cost came to about $70,000.

The expenses came under both news media and state scrutiny; Edmonson himself pledged an internal probe, Gov. John Bel Edwards ordered an audit by the Division of Administration, and U.S. Senator John Kennedy called for Edmonson’s resignation and a legislative audit.

One Response to “Edmonson’s Golden Parachute”

  1. Sam Jones Says:

    Is it any wonder the state is broke

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