Lincoln Parish School Board Meets Tuesday

The Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) will meet Tuesday, March 7, 6:00 PM, Central Office, 410 South Farmerville Street.

Here is the agenda.

Notable retirements announced include Assistant Superintendent Mary Null and Testing/Accountability Coordinator Donna Doss. Both are set to retire effective 6/30/17.


11 Responses to “Lincoln Parish School Board Meets Tuesday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What happened to the Principal at Ruston Elementary School? Did they finally wake up? You’ll never know ,or hear a peep from this from the local media. After all of the families she destroyed, Looks like she finally got what was coming. I will bet that none of those Teachers and staff that was hurt by her and those “higher ups” that sided with her, will even get an apology! Heck, they will probably create a job for her in the new 3 and one half million dollar central office! She may destroy a few more lives yet.

    • Anonymous Says:

      What exactly did she do? It’s very hush hush and no one has heard why she isn’t there anymore.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I heard she got into it with a Teacher. And I know for a fact that she has an extensive history of treating Teachers like crap. Problem is, She has political power, or knows somebody in upper management. They tolerate her for some reason. But evidently , this history with her and her staff has gotten some much needed attention! I promise you, She has personally caused some unwarranted hardships on people and families! Mostly unwarranted! I’m talking about GOOD people, that have been hurt!

  2. Needtoknow Says:

    So who is this person?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I wish more people “in the know ” would comment on this Principal, Or any others that may need attention. That’s the only way we can get attention to this problem. I understand that Teachers and staff need to be disciplined, But it should be handled in a professional manner. And I also know that Lincoln Parish has some Excellent Principals currently on hand. I just despise the political crap that goes on in upper management. It really needs a shake up, Starting at the top.

    • Someone "in the know" Says:

      I am “in the know” and I know for a fact that this principal is a very caring , trustworthy, Godly Christian woman who puts her whole heart into everything she does. She cares about the children she works with and will stand behind her teachers. She does her job well and expects the same from those she works with ! So before anyone decides to crucify her … have you taken the chance to get to know her? I have always been told when you point one finger at someone you have three pointing back at yourself. An Educator’s purpose is just that… to educate the children so that they might have a prosperous future. So to you people who are so hateful … makes me wonder if you are the ones who expect educators to “raise” your children instead of trying to educate them. 🤔

      • Concerned individual Says:

        You are either Amy, Or one of her friends! Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about, Because she has been moved to a different School, and is no longer Principal. She probably does care about the Children,Her problem is, She doesn’t have the professional skills that it takes to be in a management position over teachers and supporting staff! She has a history of NOT standing behind her staff! Your school principal serves as an immediate supervisor and has direct authority over the day-to-day management of the school. A principal can be an invaluable ally in your pursuit to educate students or can be a nuisance and make your life a living hell. Amy is not a people person! She has no idea what it takes to be in a management position over Teachers!

      • Anonymous Says:

        The one that’s hateful is Amy Brister! Tell her to think back to ALL the times she screwed over teachers and staff! Do you think she stood behind them, when she had their lives shattered because of BS! I’m just glad this last incident didn’t cause another innocent teacher to get screwed over like those before her! You would think that after several incidents like this that upper management would wake up, And conclude that maybe it’s not the teacher! I hate that some of these women have had to go through what they have . For some it was life changing, as in having to move to another State, Drastically reduced income, with retirement affected because of it! Not to mention the undeserved hurt and humiliation from it. No, She doesn’t stand behind her teachers! This was long overdue for her! She got a little dose of her own medicine! And I damn sure don’t want her “raising” my kids!

        • Anonymous Says:

          I hope you aren’t a teacher of my children with all of your language and hatefulness and from what you’ve written, I’m not sure you need to be raising your kids either.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Well, You can relax, I’m not a teacher! Also, I’m just angry at this person for how she has been hateful to her teachers and staff since she was allowed to be principal! But like I stated earlier, She is paying for it now, And I hope she can learn from it and move on. But never be allowed to be a principal again! And I certainly hope that all of the families that have been drastically affected by her, can have some kind of comfort knowing that she has been punished.

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