Lawsuits @ I-20 Board

Denmon denies responsibility for bridge failure

By Zach Parker

A legal dispute between Interstate 20 Economic Development Corp.’s governing board and Denmon Engineering over a collapsing bridge could be headed to trial though the I-20 board’s president indicated previously that the matter would be settled amicably.

The I-20 board sued Denmon in Fourth Judicial District Court in Monroe, claiming the Monroe engineering firm provided “flawed” engineering plans that led to the closure of a bridge on a frontage road south of I-20. A geological survey commissioned by the I-20 board revealed the bridge was collapsing as a result of Denmon’s “flawed engineering.”

Denmon denied any responsibility for the bridge’s failure, according to a Nov. 17 answer to the I-20 board’s lawsuit. The I-20 board’s lawsuit sought damages and alleged breach of contract.

Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo, who serves as a member of the I-20 board, has collected thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Denmon and its officers.

Nanci Summersgill is representing the I-20 board. Summersgill, who handles legal work for the city of Monroe, most recently represented the I-20 board in a lawsuit filed by Amethyst Construction Inc. on Oct. 5. In that lawsuit, Amethyst claimed the I-20 board had failed to pay the contractor some $1.1 million for work on a project widening Nutland Road.

A Nov. 17 document filed in that civil proceeding shows Summersgill worked with Amethyst’s attorneys to dismiss the case with prejudice after reaching a settlement where the I-20 board paid all court costs.


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