LPPJ VP Joe Henderson Claims Office Depot Discriminated

Joe Henderson (District Nine), Vice-President of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ), has been involved in a year-long legal battle with Office Depot over Henderson’s claim that he was discriminated against in the Ruston store when a clerk wouldn’t assist him in purchasing a printer.

From the complaint originally filed on 12/30/15:

On or about January 24, 2015, at approximately 2 P.M., Plaintiff Henderson drove to Defendant Office Depot’s Ruston, Louisiana store, located in Lincoln Parish, to purchase a printer.

Upon entering the store, Henderson walked to the aisle where the printers were on display. Plaintiff waited in the aisle for 15 minutes, but was not acknowledged by a sales representative or any other agent of Defendant Office Depot.

Plaintiff then politely took off his hat and waived at the cashier to get his attention, who in turn called for someone to help Henderson. However, Plaintiff waited for an additional 10 minutes without being helped or his presence being acknowledged any further.

Plaintiff then walked to another aisle and sought assistance from another of Defendant’s sales representatives, upon information and belief going by the name “Cat,” a Caucasian female, to help him choose a printer to purchase. However, Defendant’s sales representative, “Cat,” was assisting another customer, a Caucasian male, with a tax related issue.

Henderson, an accountant specializing in tax consulting, offered his advice to the other customer and told the sales representative that he would be in the printer aisle when she finished assisting the other gentleman.

Plaintiff browsed the printers on display as he waited for the sales representative to finish helping the other customer.

After Defendant’s sales representative finished assisting the Caucasian customer, instead of attending to Plaintiff the sales representative walked off the sales floor without acknowledging Plaintiff and did not return to assist him.

Shortly after the sales representative left the sales floor, another Caucasian male entered Office Depot.

Although Plaintiff was still waiting for assistance and had previously informed the sales representative that he needed assistance, the sales representative, “Cat,” returned to the sales floor, ignored Plaintiff, and walked directly to the second Caucasian customer who had just entered the store, well after Henderson’s arrival and request for help, and began serving the Caucasian customer.

Plaintiff again waited while the sales representative assisted the second Caucasian customer.

At or about 2:45, after waiting without receiving assistance for at least 45 minutes while Defendant’s sales representative, “Cat,” tended to Caucasian customers, Plaintiff left the Ruston, Louisiana Office Depot store without purchasing a printer as intended. On his way out, Plaintiff informed the cashier that he would never return to the store because of the mistreatment he received.

See here the document.

After a flurry of motions and counter motions, Henderson filed an amended complaint.

See here the document.

The attorneys for Office Depot, Miles Thomas and Tamula Yelling filed a response.

See here the document.

In September, Magistrate Judge Karen Hayes of the U. S. District Court (Western District of Louisiana) filed a report and recommendations that upheld part of the plaintiff’s claims and dismissed other parts. Judge Robert James approved the recommendations.

See here the document.

Office Depot appealed James’ judgement, and Henderson objected to the appeal, which is where matter stand now.

Defendant Office Depot, Inc.’s Partial Objection to the Report and Recommendation

Defendant’s Motion for Certification of Issue for Interlocutory Appeal

Plaintiff’s Opposition to Defendant’s Motion for Certification of Issue for Interlocutory Appeal.

Notable in the case is the plaintiff attorney, Karl Bernard of New Orleans.

Bernard is also the plaintiff attorney in a lawsuit by Lincoln Juror Teresa Wyatt (District Seven) against her fellow jurors.

Wyatt alleges that the present jury committee assignments short-change voters in two districts of representation on the committees.

So, Bernard, on behalf of one juror, has sued a fellow juror who he also represents in another case.

Henderson, in his capacity as a police juror, chairs the Lincoln Parish Detention Center Commission.


6 Responses to “LPPJ VP Joe Henderson Claims Office Depot Discriminated”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hell I am a white guy and I never get waited on there either. I think they just try to ignore anyone that comes in the door no matter what their race is.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What som people come up with to make a dollar. Go somewhere else if you don’t like the service. Minority’s are not mistreated these days,quit trying to play the race card.

  3. Seiu Says:

    What do you expect. Gov have gave all. Ask and you shall receive.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting that Joe Henderson as Chairman of the LPPJ Personnel Committee ignored LPPJ workers complaints about discrimination, but sues a Lincoln Parish business for not dropping everything as soon as he walks in and wait on him.

  5. Oldman Says:

    Wonder if Trump will cut back on the feebles,be nice if he did. More money for important things.

  6. DAN M. BURSON Says:


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