Campaign Finances of Tangipahoa Sheriff Daniel Edwards

Last week’s revelations in The Hayride regarding a pricey fundraiser for Tangipahoa Sheriff Daniel Edwards prompted us to take a look at the campaign war chest of Governor John Edward’s brother, the sheriff.

As of 12/31/15, the latest report available, Daniel Edward’s fund balance was $225,876.

See here the 11/02/15 – 12/31/15 report.

During the fall, 2015 election campaign, Edwards reported $50,650 in receipts, and $208,793 in expenditures. At the beginning of 2015, Edwards had a fund balance of $399,258.

Here are the four reports covering that period.

01/01/15 – 09/14/15
09/15/15 – 10/04/16
10/05/15 – 11/01/15
10/24/15 (election day GOTV)

Edwards was handily re-elected in the 10/24/15 primary, receiving 65% of the vote. His closest opponent, Sherman Phares, got 19% of the vote.

A fundraiser for a newly re-elected politician is common, but in this case Sheriff Edwards spent less than half the money he raised combined with what he had on hand. He could fund another campaign with what he’s got in the bank now.

So why the pricey July, 2016 fundraiser featuring his brother the governor as special guest?

An answer may be in who sent out the invites and who all was invited.

According to The Hayride’s Scott McKay, an email invitation revealed that the hosts for the event were two of Governor Edward’s cabinet members – Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development (DOTD) Secretary Shawn Wilson, and Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) board member Johnny Bradbury.

The invite list included engineering and construction firms from South Louisiana, McKay wrote.

So we have two of Governor John Bel Edwards’ cabinet members, who control between them hundreds of millions in state construction contracts, inviting companies that do business with state, to a fundraiser for a sheriff who happens to be the governor’s brother.

Some things never change in Louisiana.

2 Responses to “Campaign Finances of Tangipahoa Sheriff Daniel Edwards”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Democrats gotta Democrat.

  2. Bill Limond Says:

    More taxes coming!!!!!!

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