Are Louisiana’s College Presidents Now Part-Time Employees?

We were in the Ruston courtroom of the Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Court this afternoon, when a familiar local attorney appeared, and then disappeared into one of the buildings conference rooms – Rick Gallot.

That is not unusual, as we have often seen him representing criminal defendants in area parish courtrooms over the years.

What is different, is that he is the current President of Grambling State University (GSU), and has been since August 1, 2016.

A review of today’s criminal court docket showed that Gallot represents six clients on the court’s calendar.

See here the document.

To be fair, it appears that all the cases represented by Gallot appear to have arrest dates prior to his employment with GSU.

GSU has for years been beset with financial and academic issues.


5 Responses to “Are Louisiana’s College Presidents Now Part-Time Employees?”

  1. Mike Rhymes Says:

    Attorneys have an obligation to their clients to continue representing them until released. The obligation is even more strict for criminal clients and Rick is just fulfilling his professional and moral obligations. I’m sure that Rick will obtain substitute counsel if appropriate and it may be that he has to take these client’s cases to trial. Attorney’s as a group are often criticized when a member of the profession does something bad. The profession should be applauded when someone, like Rick, does the right thing even though it might hurt them personally.

    • Anonymous Says:

      ” Attorney’s as a group are often criticized…”

      For apostrophe abuse.

      The plural of attorney is attorneys.

      Stop the apostrophe abuse. Why won’t attorneys think of the apostrophe’s children!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the editing advice. You are certainly correct. But I do enjoy an apostrophe used correctly.

  3. ripley van winkle Says:

    Since he earns annual and sick leave as university president and is required to take leave when he is working on non-university business I am sure he is completing leave slips for the time he is in court and/or working on cases during regular university hours. The Payroll Office should have those public documents on file.

  4. Oldman Says:

    At best they work part time,a full time job would kill them.

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