Louisiana Taxpayers STILL Ain’t Paying Enough, They Say

Gov. John Bel Edwards’ task force recommends $700 million boost for transportation

BY WILL SENTELL | wsentell@theadvocate.com

A task force named by Gov. John Bel Edwards proposed Thursday that state aid for roads and bridges be increased by $700 million per year.

The panel, which scheduled a final vote on the plan Dec. 13, did not specify how to finance the yearly boost.

However, a resolution that spells out the recommendation said the state gasoline tax is “the most reliable, proven and meaningful source of funding” but other sources should be considered too.

The state gasoline tax, which is sure to be a big part of any funding plan, would have to be increased by about 23 cents per gallon to come up with $700 million in new dollars per year.

The state already faces a wide range of budget problems, and tax increases require the support of two thirds of the House and Senate.

Motorists pay 38.4 cents per gallon today, including 20 cents in state gasoline taxes.

The proposals, including the $700 million increase, will be posted online by DOTD for public comments.


3 Responses to “Louisiana Taxpayers STILL Ain’t Paying Enough, They Say”

  1. Angry Taxpayer! Says:

    Thank you Bobby Jindal for being such a lousy Republican governor that you paved the way for Louisiana to be stuck with this tax-and-spend Domocrat moron while Trump is busy overturning the political establishment!

    We taxpayers pay millions in fuel taxes that are supposed to be dedicated to to a transportation fund but which get diverted into the general fund and wasted by the politicians. Now that the infrastructure these crooks have ignored for too long is falling apart and the money is spent, they come back demanding more money in the form of higher fuel taxes. How about cancelling all those useless consulting contracts the state is wasting money on? You’re paying millions of dollars to “experts” to tell you what is obvious to all the rest of us – that the state is broke and everything needs fixing!

    Is it too late to impeach this idiot John Bel Edwards and have Trump appoint someone to run Louisiana? In fact, the whole damn bunch of crooks in Baton Rouge need to be run off and replaced!

  2. SocialJustUs Says:

    MORE. Now why didn’t I think of that?
    It’s the universal answer to all problems.

  3. Bill Limond Says:

    you have a choice ether pay for all the fat in DOTD or have highways. Taxation is no longer a choice the state can afford.

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