Second Circuit Court Issues Surface

Attorney blows whistle on Second Circuit Judge Larry Lolley for ex-parte messages in Sixth St. bar case

By Zach Parker 2 hrs ago 0

Second Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Larry Lolley initiated an ex-parte communication with Monroe attorney Mark Neal last month, warning the attorney the appellate court would likely rule against his client, the Sixth Street Saloon in Monroe, prior to a hearing on the bar’s appeal.

The ex-parte communication was conveyed in text messages from Lolley to Neal on Oct. 27. Ex-parte communications concerning substantive matters or the merits of a case are forbidden, according to the state Supreme Court’s Code of Judicial Conduct.

Lolley, of Monroe, said Neal was wasting time pursuing his client’s lawsuit and should take his career into consideration before taking such cases. Lolley also indicated the Second Circuit’s three-judge panel – including himself – would likely favor the defendant, not Neal’s client.

Neal reported the incident to the Second Circuit in an Oct. 31 letter that included screenshots of the text message exchange with Lolley. The Ouachita Citizen obtained the documents through a public records request to the court.

“This exchange clearly and unfortunately demonstrates unsolicited, ex-parte communication from Judge Lolley to me regarding a case pending before this court and to which the three presiding judges are referenced by name,” stated Neal’s letter to the court.


11 Responses to “Second Circuit Court Issues Surface”

  1. King BB Says:

    Crazy Mark Neal set the judge up. He ask for help and turns him in for helping. Neal is a Rat.

  2. Ginfix Says:

    Neal is a bottom feeder with big lips

  3. Freedomofinfo Says:

    Blows the whistle. Neal blows more than a whistle…

  4. Napolii Says:

    Should be a lesson to anyone who calls Neal a friend,

  5. RRoy Says:

    Neal is an insult to rats, he is less than an insect. Why would Lolley talk to Neal. Neal has a bad reputation in spite of his aggressive self promotion. I pity his wife. He punishes her for being fat.

  6. PeterBiz Says:

    Neal must be blowing Zach by the title of the article. Neal suckers the judge and becomes the victim and hero in Zach’s mind. Zach’s old job @ the Star loved Neal even when he attacked a war hero judge. Neal is no hero to anyone else but Zach. Walter’s Title here is neutral to the story. Zach needs a few more lessons in news school. Can Walter school him?

  7. Al Nite Says:

    Let Neal water your lawn at your next party

  8. Bobby Gee Says:

    Wow, seems everyone knows Neal. How does his bad reputation excuse a seemingly illegal act by that judge?

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